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Author Topic: February 22, Did You Write?
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February 22, Did You Write?

I just now noticed I had the wrong date for last week's did you write. Oops, sorry...

"Another Day, Another Dollar. A million days, A hundred dollars after taxes and expenses."
We are blessed with another Monday Prompt to get some of us slackers like myself, to sit down and write. Many here don't need a prompt and write every day. this note is for those who find it hard to write within a month, let alone to write something within a week.
How much that one writes is not important. The right word might be enough. We are not critical about what kind of writing one might do. I post suggestions all the time as to what can be writing. The list is not exhaustive nor will everybody agree with all that is on my list. it is simply giving you permission to say it is writing.
Of course, any new writing, is writing. Editing, even if it is someone else's work, is writing too. So is critiquing. Blogging technical writing, writing assignments, poetry, newsletters, world or character creation. Even E-mails can be considered writing if they are wordy and pertain to story or writing. Others may be writing if you choose to say it is.

As for me, I can say, yes, I did write. I did it today before I started this note. See, this note works!!!!
My writing partners and I are discussing how a central point in our story world is going to look. This is a form of world and character building. Today, I wrote a scene that got onto page 2 with 693 words, showing my vision of the scene. If it is acceptable to my writing partners, I can then paste that into the story I am actually writing.
We expended a whole lot of words on E-mail about details of the stories, both what we are working on now, and what will be coming into the future. I have a file for saving these notes and it is getting longer and longer, and harder to find specific detail information, but it is there.

On the story idea front, I am a bit behind right now. Today is the twenty second and tonight I am posting story idea number twenty. I can catch up with little problems.
I have entered into a period where story ideas are coming in fast. Including what I am posting tonight, I have 49 story ideas to dig into. I picked up a FAR SIDE book this weekend and see all sorts of story ideas in them. I won't count them unless I actually dig one out to use. I already used one cartoon in a story idea so I know they are good. Gary Larson's mind is very much on a level of my mind. I am still waiting for the nice young men in nice white coats to come and take me away..........

On the woodworking front, I am making headway on some projects I am working on. My flower vase, where I am carving the flowers in relief on the sides of the vase, are coming out very good. It is looking like something. I have a lot to do but it has come along nicely.
One thing I do is some fruit plates. I had three wooden apples and just now made roughed out wooden bananas. I will tell you that these are high fiber fruit. I still have to make some pears to make the minimum fruit plate complete.
I do have to dig out a plate or bowl to go with them.

To use the above for a story, He is a prisoner who is fed gruel for every meal. he knows he needs something extra to remain healthy should he earn the chance to leave the prisoner.
On his way to exercise, he sees a table in a rom that has the most perfect fruits and vegetables. He only sees a glance at them as he is marched from one place to another.
His mind becomes totally preoccupied with getting to the fruits and vegetables. he studies the doors, the bars, the system around the room, trying to see some clue as to how to get to them.
A couple years go by and he really wants to get to the fruit. He knows they get used because every time he goes by, they look different. someone has to be replacing them each day.
One day, he is marched along. He sees that the lock to the door is turned. someone left it open.
There are no guards escorting him. The doors open and close around him and they use electrical discharges to shove him along.
he comes to the door on the way in. It is still unlocked. He lunges forward and pulls on the door. the discharges miss him because he moved unexpectedly. He slips into the room and runs to the fruit. he grabs an apple and bites down. He nearly breaks his teeth. It is rock hard. he grabs a banana and quickly realizes that they are all solid, not food. He stares at the fruit bowl for along moment, then realizes that the entire table is rotating.
He looks it over carefully and sees that the reason it looked like people had been swapping the fruit was that he had seen them at a different angle each time he came by. The room was like a kitchen. He searched all the drawers, all the cupboards, the fridge, the oven. any food are fake, made of wood.
He is there for about three hours, then finally gives up and goes back to his room. A couple days later, he slips back in there and cleans up his mess, making it look perfect again. He consigns himself to the gruel he eats every meal.

AS to the question of the day,



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Just critiquing here, as well as some note-taking on my wotf entry as I prep for another (much delayed) edit. Also starting on a sketch of a new short story, intended to stretch my narrative muscles a little.

In other news, I am entertaining a new schedule: I got up at 3.45 this morning and worked through some writing related activities for an hour and a half before work. Much easier than trying to do it in the evening with children and other distractions. I wonder how long I can maintain it.

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Ken S
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Yes, I did write. Before I got on the boards today, I was working on two different things. One is a writing exorcise that I'm working on with a friend and the other is my first novel. Spent most of day doing one or the other (It was a good day).

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Yes, I did. SEVEN STARS is starting to move along again. And, when I take a break from that, there's the new opening for DREAMER'S ROSE to work on. And my new blog.

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Yep. I'm revising a flash fiction and working on the first draft of my WotF entry for next quarter.
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Editing... editing... editing...
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Yep. I fiddled with my novel (DeCo), trying to figure out why I haven't been able to complete certain scenes; revised two short stories; and started another short story meant for the Slave to Fame Trigger Contest.

I also wrote more than a thousand words for a blog post (a 500-word commentary on character names) and for blog comments.

*Edited to add a word.

[This message has been edited by aspirit (edited February 23, 2010).]

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Robert Nowall
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A washout. A particularly busy week---but there were times I could've, but didn't. Besides the busy, a recurrent back problem flared up and bothered me.

Of course I did that thing that leads to writing---"thinking," I think it's called. The thing I was working on last week didn't have much direction and also had alternate endings in the unwritten part---who lives, who dies. At some point I realized what I wanted to say in the the story, and also decided to let the characters live, too.

Now all I have to do is (a) write it down, (b) write down what I want to say, and (c) write down what I want to say in five thousand words or less.

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I can usually get about a page done between when I get up and when the baby gets up. Unless I've completely thought out the next scene in which case I might get two pages. =)

Today (22nd) I got my page.


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