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Author Topic: 05-17-2010, Did You Write?
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(Forgot to post this last night)
05-17-2010, Did You Write?

The question of the week, of course every week with this note, every week is, DID YOU WRITE any time this week? Many of us have problems opening our works in progress sometime during the month, let alone during the week. this note is to act as a prompt to get each of us to write SOMETHING during each week.
The idea of this note is for you to announce your writing progress, whether you wrote or not. During the following week, you think about having to announce your writing or lack of writing. In a way, it is to shame yourself into put down some words so you can say you wrote when you report.
I can speak from experience, that it does help, even just a little, to actually open a work in progress just so I can say I wrote. I also will work hard to come up with a viable excuse as to why I did not write. Rest assured, I know of no one keeping rack. this is really for YOU. It helps others who read the notes as to knowing that others are not writing, or others are writing, and how little or how much is written. Again, I know of no one keeping track of how much each person writes. One word, if it is the right word, would pass as writing, just as sixty pages would count.

WE all know that new writing, is writing. I know of no one who disagrees with that. Editing, though, is also writing, since few of us can write perfectly first time. I write many times by editing, getting the rough story in place and then expanding it as I edit, adding description, detail, dialog, action, as I go. Because of this, I consider editing as writing, even if it is the work of someone else. Even Crits are writing as it is a form of editing.
Poetry, technical writing, writing assignments, blogging, articles, are also writing. World and character building is also writing. E-mails can also be writing if there is a lot of words and they pertain to story or writing. In reality, if YOU think it is writing, we will accept that as writing.

AS for me, I can say, Yes, I did write. I am in an writing by editing. My actual word count has not changed too much.
I have a section where points of view are alternated, you see what one is doing, then what the other is doing, back and forth. It dawned on me I that I had some problems showing up with timing and spacing. They are introducing different parts of the world, so this foundation will be fully established for later stories.
To solve this problem of bad timing between actions, I copied each character's points of views into separate files. My plan is to write each point of view all the way through. I will combine them later at proper spacing points so their time lines will meet up properly.

On the story idea front, With tonight's post, I am up to date, I will fall behind later this week due to a meeting. I will have time to catch up later this month.
I am surprised with my production this week on adding to my compost pile. My count came up to 62 story ideas. I have been coming up with two and three ideas on some days this past week. I can tell you, this is fun. One good thing is when the ideas stop, I will have some good stuff to work with for quite a while.

So for the question of the week,
I can say



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Yes, I did.

Finished the second draft of DREAMER'S ROSE. Revised "Becoming Lioness". Started major revisions to THE IGNORED PROPHECY. Started a new short story. Two blog posts.

[This message has been edited by Meredith (edited May 18, 2010).]

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Yep, though not a ton.
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I wrote, but not much. I've hit a lull in my motivation.
I keep hitting my snooze alarm in the morning which comes directly out of my writing time.

I have such a short window to write as it is being predicated on when my son wakes up. I find I can't get into it when, as soon as I hear a slight cry from the other room, despite how well I'm doing or into my story I am... I'm done.

Sometimes I'm inspired enough to crank out a page during his breastfeeding time, but even that's unpredictable.

Hopefully it doesn't sound like I'm complaining about him, I'm not, I just wish I had more time to write. The only way to get better is to write, write, write...

I don't have any.


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Yup. Lots, lots, lots. After a long vacation in only short stories, the muse has hit me for one of my unfinished novels.

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Wrote a short and a flash-ish story. Worked on my novel synopsis.
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I've got about 1800 words on a new short story and about 6000 on my novel WIP. It's been a good week.
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I wrote and revised, wrote and revised.
The word count keeps creeping,
The work never done,
I still miss sleeping,
And it's no longer fun,
but still I write and revise, write and revise.

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Not a whole lot. Some blogging and critting. Trying to figure out what to do with a flash. Oh, and I sold some stories :-)
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Robert Nowall
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I was gone on vacation this past ten days...a certain cachet of a vacation is "getting away from it all," and "it all" includes things like going online and also writing.

(I take a typewriter but rarely use it...I do spend a lot of time reading.)

Right now I'm back from the middle of Monday, but most of my time has been taken up by unpacking, laundry, lawnmowing, groceryshopping, and more reading. And resting up from the vacation.

That thing I mentioned time-before-last, that I finished just before I was to go away? The thing I was so pleased with, that wasn't SF or fantasy? Haven't had a chance to look at it since getting back...

But, hey, my vacation-involving-travel is over...my vacation-from-work lasts through next Wednesday...I've got some time and hope to get something written...

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Yes I did. Only managed about 500 new words, but spent some time editing.
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Yes, I wrote small bits for DeCo and worked on an old short story that may one day expand into a novelette.
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I did. It didn't amount to much, but I did.
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Ken S
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I did. What's more I started getting on a schedule

I had been doing a lot of sporadic stuff in the past and I decided that I really need to start treating this like a job so I made a commitment to myself to get my butt in my chair and work on my book for at least 10 hours a week. Saturday was the end of week 1 and so far so good.

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