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Author Topic: August 29, 2011 Did You Write?
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August 29, 2011 Did You Write?

This is that time of the week again, to report what is going on in your life, and to also tell about whether you wrote. By reporting about your life, you have an excuse to post even if you did not write.
When you say you did not write, you will start feeling guilty and force yourself on the next week to write, even if it is adding a paragraph just so you can proudly say YES, I DID WRITE. Otherwise, you have the problem of coming up with an acceptable, or even any excuse for why you did not write.

We do not care what you write. We all love new writing and love big word counts, but if we are editing we are not going to get the big word counts. we also will not get it if we zap a section and rewrite it. Other kinds of what we accept as writing will not give big word counts.

As mentioned, new writing is writing. Editing is also writing. I do most of my writing through editing something I "blurted out." Editing of someone else's work is also writing, so is Critiquing. Poetry, technical writing, writing assignments, article writing, blogging, world and character creation are also writing. E-mails can also be writing if they are wordy and pertain to story or writing. If you have to ask it if is writing, the answer is YES.

As for me, I have been writing, and have been very productive. I am working on a series of stories entitled SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE. This is a super hero who has no problems with collateral damage.
I had written my first story and had to wait for comments from a writing friend. While waiting I started on the second story. I now have that story to the point where I have some polishing editing to call it done and am working on bringing ONE to the same level. When I have both of them ready, I will print them out and red-line them while reading out loud.
I also came up with the concept for the third story. I wrote a bit of the key scene. The first story is 18 pages at 7426 words, adding about 600 words during this week while editing it to match what I came up with on the second story. I am at page 6 at 2672 words on the second story, adding nearly two thousand words to that. My third story is still on the first page and has 224 words.
This story has really caught me. It is fun to write. I have no idea if the writing is up to the level it should be, but it sure is a real blast.

On the story idea front, I am a day ahead at this moment for the month. I tend to be a bit pessimistic about keeping up as the month nears the end. I know of a number of things that can keep me from posting the required number of ideas. Also, if I am ahead coming to the end of the month, I might get an extra idea or two posted.
Ideas seemed to be coming in quite fast. Including the idea I am posting tonight, I have 41 story ideas in my compost pile. some of the new ones look very good.

In my life outside writing, I have done some fun things. I made some noodles from scratch. I had some Bulgur wheat and I made my own flower, then I found a recipe for egg noodles in a 1949 GOOD HOUSEKEEPING COOK BOOK. I made a few mistakes such as having to make a double batch became of some errors, and making the noodles thicker than planned, but it ended up with acceptable noodles. It was a fun thing to do once or twice.
I started carving a dragon. It is actually looking like a dragon too. The design changed as I worked as the shape and nature of the wood did not let me do it the same way I planned. I think it is better.
Several months ago, I got a year's supply of yarn for my crochet. this weekend, I ended up with what I consider a life-time supply of yarn. The price was good even though I sort of planned on getting all of it anyway. Several yarn people said that I got a real haul. I have a lot of practice stuff until I gain the skills to make the stuffed animals I am planning to make.
I know learning to make all this stuff will come in handy in my writing some day. I do use them for my story ideas.

As to the question of the week,



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Yes, I did. Finished the revisions on SEVEN STARS. Started a revision to the beginning of MAGE STORM which is giving me fits, but I think I may finally have a handle on it.

Also did a couple of crits and two blog posts.

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I surely did. Wrote several thousand words on my fanfiction, a thousand or so words on a WIP, and about 6k words on a new story. Overall a very satisfying week, even if I was kind of all over the place.
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Still working through the revision of "Sworn" because I am so slow. Now I'm looking at specific problems in the manuscript and correcting them one at a time. Just finished tweaking a character who went totally off-course in the second half of the story, then rewrote the prologue to give the story a better sense of setting. I like it. I also wrote a good chunk of the backstory by hand one night in my notebook, which I have taken to carrying everywhere.

Problems still to tackle: a few consistency issues and some pacing. Pacing is going to be a beast, since I have to make major cuts to the first half of the story and write a few new scenes for the middle to even out the feel of time passing. Right now it feels like ride in a stick-shift driven by a beginner, a lot of lurches.

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Robert Nowall
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After finishing what I was working on last week, nothing. Just haven't gotten around to getting back in the groove. Several days were a little more crowded than usual, but, then, when I'm "inspired"---whatever that amounts to---I'll be writing whatever's going on.

I'm about to embark on a non-writing project that'll eat up some more spare time---I'm going to work on cleaning out my office. This may not seem like that much of a big deal to you, but I've got about twenty years of accumulated garbage piled up in here, to the point where it's hard to get in and get around, and I've got to go through it all, sorting, shredding, boxing up, and keeping. (I've got to be careful---I don't want to throw out the only copy of one of my manuscripts while cleaning...)

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I did. Probably five or six thousand words. I'm preparing a self published anthology and needed a few more stories. I've got one nearly finished, one to go and then it's off to the editing treadmill.
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In an almost unprecedented flurry of activity (helped by being off the internet for a week), I got well over 10,000 words done on "The House Of The Sun", including resolving some fairly significant plot issues. Best writing week for a few months.
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Got started on Novel Chapter 5. Finished a short...I think that was last week. Had some invigorating writing-related discussions.
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Wrote just over 10K for a new ya fiction novel and still feel guilty because I should be working on my query letter and synopsis for Two Halves.
I'll make that my goal for this weekend.

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