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Author Topic: Did you write? November Fifth, Two Thousand and Eleven.
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Did you write? November Fifth, Two Thousand and Eleven.

It is that time of week, where we tell the whole world about what is going on in our lives. In the process, we also tell about what is going on in our writing. the hope is that after several weeks of not being able to tell about your writing, or not meeting goals, shame will set in and you will find a way to work on your projects more.

We all have our opinions of what is writing. Not all of us will agree on everything on this list. New writing is writing. Editing is also writing, even if it is the work of others. Critiquing is also writing. So is poetry, blogging, technical writing, articles, writing assignments, world or character creation, and even E-mails can be writing if they are wordy and pertain to writing or story. If you have to ask if it is writing, we answer yes.

As for me, I did do some writing. I edited Spirit of vengeance one and two. I printed both of them up and read them to my brother and saw all sorts of errors to correct, and he gave some good ideas for the story. One problem I have is that all the women's names are similar sounding. That will be an easy correction. My big problem is that all my sentences are about the same length. I will have to do some major editing to mix that up so it won't be so boring to listen to. He said the story, and action are good.
In my editing, I added 461 words to One, 79 words to Two, and I added 719 fresh words to Three. I worked out some plot issues on it and still have some to technical out.

On the story idea front, I posted 32 story ideas for a 31 day month. that ended up on page 33 at 19599 words of pure drivel.

I have started carving a dragon and it is not the dragon I saw inside the wood when I started. He has his mouth open. I never planned that. I am now trying to work out whether one leg crosses beneath him or sticks out behind him. He won't tell me until I get to it. My mom looked at it and saw there was a Chinese dragon inside the wood, while I am looking at a European dragon. Looking into wood is a lot of fun and a real challenge.
I am nearing the completion of my crochet bag. I finished the handle and now have to attach it. I learned that someone close is going to have a baby. I have been enlarging granny squares that someone else made. I was doing it more to use up yarn stock more than anything. Now I have a purpose for making them. this will be a gift. I just need to find out whether I will be an Aunt or an Uncle so I can choose the right color to bind the squares together with.

As to the question of the week,

I can honestly say,



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I probably will, but November 5th is still two months in the future, so it's hard to be sure...
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Spent the weekend outlining for *The Keystone*. Yuck.
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Ken S
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Yes, I manged to get in a couple of hours this week.
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Some. Real life has interfered to a degree.

Some revisions on SEVEN STARS, and my WotF entry for this quarter. Just now opened up my WIP novel, MAGIC'S FOOL and started getting back into the swing for that one.

Also, several crits and two blog posts.

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Ooh fancy topic title.

Yes I did write, but to be honest I'm kind of putting off sending out my next wave of submissions and I've been tinkering with the first story I ever wrote, back when I was still young and innocent. I'm trying to squeeze it into the YA market. It's a daunting task, mostly because I tend to write big words and complex, subtle phrases and I'm going to need to censor myself. But that's always a good skill to develop, right ?

I also got in my fanfiction chapter, just like every week.

So for this week, fingers crossed I work up the gumption to start on my submissions tomorrow. I'm also going to look more heavily into self publishing with one of my standalone stories. I'll also get my fanfiction chapter up and hopefully get really, really into my first story (which happens to be the title of the word document XD). With any luck I'll disappear for a couple weeks and surface for air with a completed manuscript.

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A little, but my family was in town and they hauled out all the stuff we've been living without these past three months (everything), so mostly I've been unpacking. Though I did write out the backstory to my WIP, which was extremely helpful. I also wrote the first 1/3 or so of a fairy tale-esque short story and have been jotting down ideas for what may be my next big project (if I can come up with about a hundred more interesting ideas to mash into it). Blogged about my 16 month old for my far away family.

To be honest, I've been spending more time on writing forums than writing lately. I really, really need to finish the WIP.

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Yes, 5.6k, released an ebook and did a bit of blogging.
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Robert Nowall
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I guess the "ember" months are hard to tell apart...wait till the "uaries" comes...

As for this week...nothing. I've been mostly tied down by trying to clean out my office, of which I'm about two thirds through, and even that involves skipping some boxes neatly piled against the walls...but, on the other hand, I just finished one draft of one thing and haven't yet moved on to anything else.

Possibly I'm done for the month of September, 'cause one I finish this vacation preparation (beginning of October) will start consuming my time...

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Meant to this two days ago but kept forgetting.

I'll probably will the week of the title but this week:

Yep, wrote on my novel finally.

Did some crits... one or two E-mails.

And two to four blog posts--depending on when I did the first two.

And did some writing on my mini stories.
I've had a sad general tale in my mind for probably five years, decided now might be the time to do it even though I'm surprised that it could be under 500 words. Actually, I wrote the opening five years ago which some people critted. It's cliche-ish I must say with a guy's wife and child getting killed... in the back store. My original idea was to use a drunk driver but that is way cliche-ish. Maybe have a crazy guy shot them or have a snow covered front of an old building collapse on them.
The story might be over 500 I have to wait 'till I type it out but for sure under 1,000.

I came back to say, if anyone might have wondered, I finished the story but so far I'm not sure how long it is. It's on notepaper so with both sides it's 100 or 200 words a page. There are six or seven pages. Which means 600 to 1400 words. Not counting scratched off sentences and writing between the lines.

[This message has been edited by LDWriter2 (edited September 10, 2011).]

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I'm currently juggling 3 stories in the editing stage. I've never edited this way but I like it. Keeps my focus. Mostly I'm trying to cut extra words and sentences.

It could just be me, but I find a lot of times, the last sentence in a long(er) paragraph can be cut. It's simply a restatement of what was already said but in a way that's meant for effect. Cut it!

Have a quick glance at a story of yours and see if that last sentence really needs to be there. (read the sentence independently, I mean.)


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Not sure where else to place this unless I start a new thread but no one else has mentioned doing this.

But this is a form of writing since I doing a bit of revising.

Later today I'm going to be going back over a story I did after 9/11 and placing it on my Blog. It's a form of fantasy about our reactions to those events. I wrote it a year to two years afterwards and updated it a while later.

Hadn't thought about placing it on my blog but recent events reminded me of it, since as far as I know there's no market for that type of story and my blog might be a better place for it anyway.

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I am writing every day, usually between 500 and 1000 words. Some days I write and critique.

A few months ago, I attended a short workshop with Allen Wold and one of the first things he said to us was a question. "What are you going to give up?" Well, I'm appreciating the value of that question now because I am choosing to write and read over many alternative activities.

And OSC warned us in Bootcamp that writing is a solitary activity so you had to go out of your way to be around people. He wasn't kidding either!

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