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Author Topic: 09-12-11, did you write?
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09-12-11, did you write?

It is that time again. You report about what is going on in your life so you have an excuse to post here every single week, and then you tell about whether you wrote or not. If you have too many weeks where you post that you did not write, hopefully shame will sit in and you will open your work in progress sometime during the week, even at the last moment, so you can happily report you actually wrote this week. It only really works if you post regularly.

We all love to report word counts. for new writing it is a whole lot of fun. If you find yourself having to rewrite a section, or are editing, word counts can end up being small in spite all the work you did, or they may actually go backwards.
How much is written does not matter. One might write one word, or one might write half a novel. One might have writing goals to aim for and one may report whether you ended above or behind th goals.

As to what is writing, new writing is always writing. Editing, even if it is the work of someone else's is also writing. Critiquing is writing. Poetry, writing assignments, technical writing, blogging, world and character creation, BBS posts (preferably wordy and best if they pertain to writing) are also writing. E-mails are also writing if they pertain to writing or story and are wordy.
In essence, if you even think to ask if it is writing, we accept it to be writing.

As for me, Yes, I have been writing. I have added a few pages to all three stories I am working on, but most of what I have done is edited the first two. I am in the last stages to get the first two stories out to my first reader to see how the stories hold up.
I was on page 19 on my first story last week. I am now up to page 23. On my second story, I was on page 6, and now on page 7. On the third story, because I have done heavy editing, I did little, I was just on page 3 and now fully onto it. I did, though plot bow some of the central action is supposed to happen where the character movements are key to making it work. I even sketches to help make since of the action.

On the story idea front, I am a little ahead as I have a meeting this week that will set me back a day. I had felt the story ideas were coming very slowly, but I have 40 story ideas in my compost pile. That is not too bad. Some of the newest ones are pretty good. I will try to use up the lesser ones to get them out of the way before they sink too far. I make that mistake often, tending toward the fun ideas first.

As to the question of the day,

I can honestly say,



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Once again posted this week's fanfiction chapter. That was, unfortunately, the bulk of my writing for this week. I also did a few minor changes to a WIP. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things this week.

So with about 10k words this week yes, I did write.

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Yes, I did.

Some new work on MAGIC'S FOOL. Then I took a break to do some edits on SEVEN STARS, based on crits.

Now, I'm about to make a final pass through my WotF entry and send it off. Then back to MAGIC'S FOOL.

I'm also thinking of starting some serious research on a couple of other ideas, in case I remain mostly stuck on MAGIC'S FOOL. I'm not blocked, just not making as much progress as I'd like. So maybe my enthusiasm for it hasn't peaked yet.

Also, several crit and two blog posts.

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Ken S
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Yes, I did write.

Juggling, juggling, juggling...

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Robert Nowall
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Nah...still in serious cleaning mode---on pause right now until I get six or eight more plastic containers---but I hope to wrap all that up sometime later this week, and there might be time to work on something before my vacation starts...

Meanwhile, in all that cleaning, I found there really was a carpet on the floor...

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Yes, 6k or so last week, some blogging (writing and gardening), a load of editing and arranging a book giveaway (still in progress).

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Nothing first draft for me.
Lots of crit'ing and editing.

I'm anxious to first draft again. It's been a while.


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Yeah, but barely. Work is finally slowing down, so been thinking of where I am at and the stories to come over the next couple weeks.
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Not really. I got all those boxes unpacked and finished a baby blanket I was working on, though.
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Decided to post this sooner then usual for me.

Yes, I wrote.

Managed to get some done on "New Mage", that was great. My MC's about to attack the bad guy.

Worked a bit on my Angel Kin novel.

Wrote on my mini stories--less than 500 words. In fact I wrote one today. Might have started it yesterday but did most of the writing today. I decided to do a new mini and came up with a scene of a guy running around baseball bases nude and worked on why he would do that and the reactions to it. So got a simple little story with a message. Also worked on a couple of others I need to transfer to my computer. Which in this case means typing them.

Worked on my blog http://musingsofle.blogspot.com

Worked on crits, posts here and google+

Thinks that's it.

[This message has been edited by LDWriter2 (edited September 13, 2011).]

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Robert Nowall
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Posting again to announce that I've finished---cleaning my office, that is. It's as much cleaned as I'm going to do this time around. Now I've got some time, so I may work on something...
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Lotsa words. Probably over 20,000 this week. Now I will spend the next week rewriting.
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I've been having problems with the characters in my current project, The Keystone. They wanted to be in a scene where they went to the mall. I didn't want to do the mall scene because it was a waste of time; I that them scheduled to go to the slum decks of the space station for a bar fight. But they wouldn't go. I'd write them coming out of the lift and they just stopped.

Finally, I gave in and let the kids have their fun. I wrote a 4000 word shopping mall scene, set it aside, and then the kids went to work with a will on 4600 words of space dive slumming.


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Yes, completed my query letter and synopsis for TWO HALVES and created a blog which forced me to declare myself technologically inept
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