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Author Topic: Did You Write? 11-14-11
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Did You Write? 11-14-11

It is that time of the week again. Have you opened any work in progress or started something new? have you met your word count? have you written anything at all? If not, what is going on in your life that prevented you from your work. We always love to hear that.

As to what is writing, I give a long list each week but don't have time today. The main rule of thumb is that if you have to ask if it is writing, the answer is yes.

AS for me, Yes I did write. I got to the end of my re-write of my Spirit of Vengeance story. I greatly expanded the story with plenty of explanation and examples of what was going on. I had it nearly done and realized it needed something else. I added two short scenes that will need to be corrected, but I felt it changed the nature of the story a little. I think it is looking good.
I am now starting at the beginning and fixing writing errors but will fix scenes if needed. I got to page 13 of the 43 pages on my first edit session, then got to page three on my second edit session. It does need work. As it stands now, it is 43 pages with 22216 words.

On the story idea front, I have dug into the top of the compost pile a little, but added a few new ones along the way. It is running at 36 story ideas. I would rather have 60 story ideas, all good, but it is not doing bad.

I am making my Christmas ornaments for this year. I am making palm trees and seals so far but have to come up with two more new ideas. I have been doing this since 2003 so I have done quite a few different kinds. Last year, someone listed several dozen ideas to me and I had done most of them. I ended up seeing something in a couple magazines and used them.
I am also making some old Christmas ornaments that I ran out of, some I never made enough of. I have a lot of ornaments to make before the end of the month.

I have asked a couple times, "if you were put into the world you write about, as you are right this very instant, with your real practical knowledge and practical skills, and actual physical abilities, could you survive within your worlds?
when I first asked the question, the answer was absolutely not. Later, I mentioned that with as bad a carving I did, I would likely be creating magical figurines that would do wrong.
Now, I would have to say that if I survived the first month, I might be able to become useful to whatever society I was in. Not greatly useful, but I might eventually earn my keep. The first month would be unlikely, though.

AS to the question of the week, I can honestly say,



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Yes, I did.

Mostly on MAGIC'S FOOL. I can see the path to the end on this one, now. Some on BLOOD IS THICKER.

A little on a couple of queries and a synopsis.

Also a few crits and two blog posts.

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I've been writing a lot of this new novel I'm working on: Fantasy/Horror, and I think Supernatural, but I'm not entirely sure, which is a total new things for me because I don't usually write Fantasy. My main thing is horror. And lemme' tell you, I can write a mean horror, so I've been told. xD But this story has gotten me really interested, with the fantasy in it too, and I just can't stop writing it! It's like a drug to me right now hahah.

It started out as a short story, because I was taking a break from one of my novels, and then it just turned into a book. I thought "Hey, I'll set aside that other novel of mine to write this one, and then I'll get back to it, and set this one aside." I haven't put anything up on Hatrack yet of the new novel, but I intend to once I finish it. It is called "The Fall of Steven Baymont"

Anyway, I have been writing anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 words a day, mostly in the morning, to around Maybe lunch time. =]] Then maybe later on during the day if I have time.

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I did.

Finished the draft of my latest novel and started on the next episode.

Wrote a flash

That's it.

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I wrote today. Back on track after falling off the horse for a while. I wrote about 1k words this evening. Doesn't seem like much, even to me, but with 4 kids, some writing is better than none. I also have a few blog posts I need to write this evening in support of my dear friend who is self-publishing and releasing her first book on Friday 11/18/11. *shameless plug* ecwrites.com *End of shameless plug*
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Yep. I worked some more on Showdown at Cibola.
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Being one of the horde doing NaNo this year, yes, I definitely wrote. I had a fantastic long weekend, and my NaNo manuscript, Dark Mirror, was up to 34871 as of the end of the day yesterday. Not bad at all, though I am refusing to think about how much editing it might need. That's a matter for after first draft is complete.

I also had several ideas, some just fragments that might coalesce with other fragments in time to form whole ideas, some are whole and compelling ideas on their own. I wrote them down, as much as I had worked out and put them aside for review after Dark Mirror is done and not before. I'm really trying to develop some discipline as a writer, learning to do things in some kind of order rather than trying to run in every direction at once. So far, it's proving far more productive this new way. And at least then I'll have something to work on while Dark Mirror is sitting in a drawer waiting for editing time.


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Robert Nowall
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Kept at my low level of activity, five hundred revised words a day, but not every day...
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Yep, I wrote.

Some on my short story. Still not sure about that ending and I think I may do some rewriting on it after I finish Nov. Parts of it seem to fit and at the same time be something that isn't really needed but I'm not sure either way.

And definitely wrote on "Break Out" My NaNo Novel, over 15,000 words altogether but still behind. I have introduced his siblings. Decided that for some palace intrigue a Duke's daughter is trying to seduce him to so he can make her pregnant. That would increase their standing among their fellow royalty and give them an inroad into the Queen's family. At the same time have something over him and maybe he might even marry her. That would be a bonus. All of this while he is out risking his life in space and while someone is out to kill at last one member of the Family.

I also have done two crits and a few posts here. Not so much on G+ though.

And here http://musingsofle.blogspot.com

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