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Author Topic: Did you write? 12-26-11
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Did you write? 12-26-11

Where has the year gone? I am still preparing for Easter and Christmas arrived and passed.
This note is intended to give you a place to tell about what is going on in your life and in the process, to brag or cry about your writing. If you post regularly, it will help to keep you writing or to keep to your goals. Repeatedly reporting failures does a lot to get one to get to work.

As to what is writing, we all know that new writing is writing. Editing is also writing, even if it is the work of others. Critiquing is a form of editing and also counts. Poetry, writing assignments, articles, technical writing, blogging, world and character creation are also writing. Bulletin board posts and E-mails can be writing if they are very wordy and pertain to story or writing. In essence, if you have to ask if it is writing, the answer is yes.

How much writing does not matter. It could be the RIGHT WORD, or it could be half a book. the fact that you open something is real key.

As for me, I have has most of the week with no writing at all. I am editing my work in progress, about to submit it. Preparations for Christmas got in the way, leaving no time to write. It hurt as I am so close. I was off today and was able to spend some time on the project. I figure I will finish this pass tonight, and will try to do one more tomorrow since I am off tomorrow too.

On the story idea front, I am happy to say that after last week's mistake of overwriting the file I store my posted story ideas and some un-unwritten notes, I was able to recover the all the notes. I had copied the directory to a CD a short while back, and finally remembered about the copy after looking elsewhere. Finding them, and having a good week of coming up with ideas gives me 52 ideas in my compost pile. I will have some good writing for a while before I get to the top of the permanent compost pile.
It should be noted that in December 1997, I started posting my story ideas. I have averaged at least an idea a day ever since.

It is a good idea to start looking over your work this year and get your statistics.

Over the past week, I finished one set of painted cards, and painted a second batch. I got a lot of comments about the results of the first batch of cards, several saying it was the best I had ever done, and others saying that it was professional quality. I also worked late losing some home time that would allow writing, and tried to get gifts all packed. I hated not getting back to writing. I am so close to finishing it.
As for Christmas, I gave "right" and got well. I had a pleasant time with friends and families. this was one to remember.

As to the question of the week,



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Eh, not as much as I wanted or planned. I'm slightly stuck at the moment--just two chapters from the end. I suspect I made a wrong turn a couple of chapters back. Oh well.

I did do my two blog posts, though. Well, sort of. I cheated a little bit. [Wink]

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Robert Nowall
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I managed to bring my current rough-draft project to an epic conclusion, and after twenty six thousand words I could say I'm done with it. Finished it on Thursday, fiddled with the draft a little Friday and Saturday, printed out a copy for review and later rewriting on Sunday. This was the best Christmas ever!

After that I resumed work on the second draft of what I'd been working on before that story intervened.

Also I continued having to expend literary effort in the direction of grievance statements, plus all that Christmas activity---I was up twenty-six hours straight, from 8:00 pm Friday night to past 10:00 pm Saturday night. I've barely recovered from that one---work, cooking, cleaning, more cooking, then opening presents---but it happens to me every year...

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Edit, Edit, Edit. Within all of that editing I managed to write some additional words and a flash. I have a bunch of books to publish this year, of which half are written and requiring editing, so I will Edit, Edit, Edit ad absurdum.
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Yes, I wrote. I keep up my blog...an average of one post a week. I wrote in my journal almost 400 pages [Wink] .

It was actually NaNoWriMo that got me inspired to try something else. So I signed up for a couple of online writing classes...trying out a couple different directions to go. So far I am keeping writer's block at bay by having different projects to work on.

For 2012, I'm planning to complete a short children's story, mostly for the amusement of my children, and a narrative nonfiction book about my husband. He is a real life "Tim Taylor"...only his accidents and funny moments are not limited to home repair. I keep telling him, no one will believe this, LOL!


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My 30 days of writing continue. I ended last week at 48250 on the new draft with some amazing days of writing going on. I'm happier with this draft than the previous, which is good.

Also, started doodling around with a new idea, plus some notes on one I'd already been working on and a major realization that kind of goes with my current project but properly belongs in a sequel (of maybe the third book, since it's always felt like a trilogy in progress).

Oh, and a bunch of blog posts.

So, busy week behind me, busier one ahead, since I'm off work until January 2nd and I plan to make good use of the time. I'm starting to mentally add up the words I've written purely for fiction and blogging this year and am suitably impressed. I knew I had a lot to say, but didn't know it was that much!


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Does the 1 line for Snappers battle the blues challenge count? [Smile] Yeah, so I wrote. I can't say a lot but have wrote some a few pages and that is a lot of late.
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wrote on two novels and revised a third a bit.

Finished New Mage finally,

Almost done with the rewrite of chapter seven of Breaking Out

A page or so on Angel Kin.

Finished the revision of my WotF story.

Finished my first revision of next Quarter's WotF story. First time I've ever been a quarter early. I say first revision because I want to go back and add some more of the five senses. And of course there will be two, probably, more revisions. So maybe three and a quarter revisions this time around. [Smile]

Did a few posts here, on Goggle +, a couple E-mails

and four or more new posts here

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