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Author Topic: New Year's
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I would like to say Happy New Years to all of my writing/critiquing friends. =]

This thread is about New Year's resolutions AND/OR goals... For this new year, if you haven't thought about it already, I think it would be good to think about some goals as far as our writing is concerned. What do you want to accomplish this year? Do you want to get that amazing novel you have been writing published or accepted for publication? Or do you want to make more time for writing and reading and researching, and less time procrastinating and playing those video games and watching TV and doing other activities that aren't really helping you out much? There is a time and a place for TV and games, and it would do us all well if we found ourselves a balance. And those of you that have seemingly endless day jobs, and families to support, how will YOU go about writing more with your hectic schedule?

My New Year's resolution, which has actually been a goal of mine, is to get my first professional or semi-professional acceptance before I turn 21 in August. The two stories I have published are both non-paying.

I am also supposed to speak to the Editor in Chief of Tideland News down where I live on January 2nd, for a possible job as a writer. I am excited about that. However, he told me that I would start out "no fee" first, and I am pretty sure it is so he can see how I write before he starts to pay me... It's different than fiction writing, but hey, it's a start. =]

Anyway, what are YOUR goals for 2012? It could be about writing, but it does not have to be.


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They're in my latest blog post.
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My goal is to e-publish 12 books in 2012. Three of those are anthologies. (Got to do something with my WotF stories). One book is in proofreading. Three or four are 50k word MG novels. I've got two more novels drafted, but they need some major rewrites.

I know that's pretty aggressive, but what's a goal good for if it doesn't stretch you.

Edited to add: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Ah okay. I see. Interesting. Well, my resolution IS my goal, and has been... But I like to say that resolutions only enhance a goal that you have had, to hopefully motivate you a bit more if you have been procrastinating or not working as hard as you need to.

That's how I look at them. I have never really had a new year's resolution. They are mostly a goal that I want to finish accomplishing, and pretty much reminds me what I need to do to get there. x]

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Once I get a few other things tidied up I'm going in for another round of work on my novel. Evil Golems and giant Mushi and trolls and illusionists and crazy Red wizards oh my.
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I have the same goals pretty much every year: write more stories, make more submissions and enter Writers of the Future every quarter. This year, I also plan to apply to OSC's Bootcamp no matter when or where it's being held, if he's holding it at all.
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Goal #1: e-pub 2 novels, one that I'm a week or two out from. The other as a matter of principle, I'm cranking about 5k a week so it should be doable.

Goal #2: Keep up that regimen would be goal.

#3: Epub at least four short stories.

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Happy New Year May you Have good success all year.

Okay, hadn't thought of setting any specific goals until now but decided to do a post in my blog about them.

My Goals

No specific word count nor a certain number of stories. Maybe I should do that last but it depends on length of stories, how much time I spend on getting my novels ready, etc.

Oh and speaking of last year:

I'm not sure how many words I wrote. At least what is now a 53,000 to 55,000 word novel. And at least half a dozen stories.... make that twelve. One was over 10,000 words, three were less than 500, another less than 2,000 a couple around 1,000. Oh and a couple that came in around 25 words- for a contest. So make it at least 15 stories. Plus two chapters for one novel and three in another- it might be five in that one not sure when I started it. Plus a few other chapters and stories I think.

That was fiction there were two or three letters to editor, gobs of posts here, on my blog on Google+ and two or twelve E-mails

And a New Year message:

However speaking of goals If anyone is interested.

A lesson on goals Failure is quitting not getting delayed--start over again.
And certain goals are dream goals which you have no control over but others you do have control over.

Number One

Number two

Number three

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I'm going to write another novel or two and self publish them.

But first I have to dig the garden:)

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Put out a book in English, no more no less.
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Robert Nowall
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I plan to carry on as I have...write when the inspiration strikes me, revise what I've written, and, if something seems SF-y and of publishable length, I'll send it out, and when it's through bouncing, I'll put it up on my website. I'd like to have the inspiration to write a novel strike me, but that'll be wait-and-see.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I may or may not be on the verge of changes in other aspects of my life...if worse comes to worse, I could either be out of a job and flat broke, or employed in a job I don't particularly want to do at a far distance from where I work now. Any one of these things might upset my writing plans.

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My goals are simple this year. WRITE. I know not very specific, but to me thats the way I want it. I will know if the year is a success based upon that simple feat of writing. Submissions will happen, querying agents again, and so forth. But this past year I got so hung up on finding the "perfect story" the "Perfect query", the "perfect 1,3,5 page synopsis" that I forgot to actually write, and this after a really good start in the beginning of 2011. I won't let that happen again.
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