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Author Topic: Did You Write - October 15, 2012
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It's that time of the week again, time for the kick in the pants. The idea is that having somewhere to report progress will spur you on to make some. So I'm posing the question to all of us here. Did you write this week? As we have been reminded in the past, writing for the purposes of this thread can mean just about anything you want. You did some editing? Report it here. Outlining, pre-writing or any other kind of prep work? Sure, that counts too. And, of course, writing new work always counts.

I've had a slack week, between still being sick (though on the tail end, I hope), and not being able to start writing my next book. I think I'm edited out for the time being as my brain screams every time I think about doing some more to pass the time. I did finish the final pass of The Nine, and will be handing that off to my test readers this coming weekend.

Beyond that, I've been doing a lot of building for my next project, Spire of Time, but as I said, I've been taking it easy. It felt a bit strange this past weekend to not be pushing myself to get more writing stuff done. I think I'll be about ready to burst when NaNo finally begins.

I did make some notes on other ideas, including something for the magic system on an idea I haven't thought about in months. There was a new idea that popped up as well.

A couple of blog posts, including one for the WIP Challenge when I got tagged for that. It was kind of fun to pretend to be interviewed.

That's it for me. How about you? Did you write?


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Robert Nowall
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Ooh! I did somewhat better, managing to put out five hundred words a day (one thousand on Saturday), each day, every day. The end of the thing is in sight.

Aaahhh...if I only liked what I wrote. It seems all over the place and far from what I intended in the first place. It's also too damned long again. I'll throw it in my files and let it marinate for a while...meanwhile, I've got some things to pull out of the files and figure out what to do with, and maybe some new thing that's been on my mind (but is derivative of somebody else's things (but may be worth writing just to get it out of my mind.)))

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Edit, Edit, Edit. I was going to write more for my next novel, but I've got so much in WIP, that I decided to get two books out this month... one new and one re-edited and re-published. The old one I finished this week and I started on the new one. I'm now done spiffing up my old work (5 books re-written and published as both paperbacks and e-books) so I can charge more... out of the 99 cent level for e-books.

Time-wise, with the editing and proofing, I probably put in twenty+ hours. Word-wise, a couple of thousand.

So, yes, I did write.

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Hope you're feeling better, Heresy. Try the chicken soup (Jewish penicillin). [Smile]

I'm envious of anyone who has the determination and tenacity to write every day, Robert.

Mazel tov, Owasm. Please remember to include links to your published works when you let us know about them.

I posted the first 13 of my most recent first draft, The Witch's Curse (14k) at http://www.hatrack.com/cgi-bin/ubbwriters/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=11;t=004560;p=1&r=nfx
Feedback appreciated, and the story is available to anyone who wishes to critique it.

I have a few hours off today and will try to see if I can contrive an entry for axeminster's 1K 2012 Halloween challenge. Have a couple hundred very raw words so far.

Next week: I'm off!! [Smile]
And back to completing my personal November challenge (1 novelette per month till New Year's). This one a medieval Kabbalist tale, but it may or may not be connected to my stories concerning Rabbi Cane.

Dr. Bob

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Yes, I did. Mostly struggling with the revisions for BLOOD IS THICKER.

Plus a crit, which I need to return, and two blog posts.

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Yep. Tough week at work, but did bang out a first draft. Just trying to get back into the swing of writing in the morning.
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Oh yeah. One off to beta. One back and revising. Three more underway, and one I am about to burn.
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Thanks, Dr. Bob, but the soup failed me. I had a stockpile of it when I got sick. I don't have any soup anymore, but still coughing. Oh well, I suspect the soup couldn't do much for my lungs without trying to breathe it in, and I've heard that has adverse effects on your status as a living being. Something about drowning. I don't know. *shrug*

I'll get there, it's just the sort of thing that takes me weeks to fully recover from.


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Yes I did write.

On two novels a bit and on three make that four stories. Finished two of them.

Did a couple of E-mails, posts on three forums and here Blog here

No revisions during that time though.

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Grumpy old guy
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Yep, got my protagonists right to the edge of the turning point moment where they question what they belive and are about to make irrevocable choices. Now, just as the 'main action' is about to begin, I'm wondering if I have a sudden case of premature excitement, and have peaked too early?

I supposed I'll just bash on and see what the draft loks like when I've finished it.

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New Member
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I'm a new member to the workshop, a creative writing student pursuing a journalism associates. This week we are expected to begin writing on a fiction work, short story/short-short story. I'm starting to write this week!
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Yes, I wrote! It seems I haven't been able to put life aside long enough to sit and write, but this week I added to some scenes in my novel and hashed out some details for the last half's outline. I sent the first several chapters to be critiqued and am waiting to hear from that. I need to get my outline finalized next.

Wish I could disappear to a deserted island for awhile to write, write, write!

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