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Author Topic: Did You Write - June 10, 2013
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It's that time of the week again, time for the kick in the pants. The idea is that having somewhere to report progress will spur you on to make some. So I'm posing the question to all of us here. Did you write this week? As we have been reminded in the past, writing for the purposes of this thread can mean just about anything you want. You did some editing? Report it here. Outlining, pre-writing or any other kind of prep work? Sure, that counts too. And, of course, writing new work always counts.

A few bits of news for me this week. I managed to revise that short story that was for a submission. My test reader insisted I submit it. Like right away. I'm pleased to announce that it was accepted. Faery Wishes will appear in the inaugural issue of Opening Line. Yay! Kinda made my whole Friday, and at 9 am too. It's my first pub credit that required an editor to say "Yes, I want that," so it's more than slightly awesome to me.

I've continued with revisions on my novella, Second Thoughts. I'm almost done, down to about the last quarter. The first round of revisions always takes the longest, the most energy, but is ultimately so rewarding. I can see the story taking shape into a better version of itself. It's what gets me through this.

I've also begun outlining my next novel, which I'll be writing next month as part of July Camp NaNo, assuming the outline is ready in time. This month is going by so fast and I have so much to do.

Beyond that, there have been a few plot bunnies and also a few blog posts. One was a teaser for the novella too. [Smile]

I think that's all I've got for this week. How about you? Did you write?


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Yes, I wrote. I'm in the midst of revisions on BLOOD IS THICKER. Also, doing some brainstorming on another story idea. [Smile]

Also started a crit and wrote two blog posts.

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Book 2 of my trilogy is up to about 64k words. Not a third done yet. I foresee much pruning ahead.
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My current WiP is at 203k, and I'm at the pre-climax (does that sound dirty to anyone else?), and working steadily toward the end of the first draft. Funny, I thought this would weigh in at 175k and be tightened down some. Now, I know I have to add some on a future pass, subtract an entire thread, and rewrite the beginning. But, after I write "The End" on the first draft, I'm going to flesh out and outline two other stories (one I'm sure is a novel, the other may be a short story/novelette set in a shared universe). The answer, yes, I wrote. And I will add to that number of words yet tonight.
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Robert Nowall
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Managed to have a really good week, writing every day. My cold cleared up (well, maybe a little congestion), my problems at the job also cleared up (or at least haven't come up again yet).

I was fairly productive, managing five hundred words a day even on my slow / busy-with-other-things days, and up to fifteen hundred words on other days. (I tend to write everything in sessions of five hundred words at a time; then I have to get up and stretch and also think.)

I'm not saying that what I'm writing is any good---it isn't, really---but I am saying I'm having a blast writing it, and will worry about how good is is or whether I can scrape something good out of it later---much later if this pace continues.

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I've written new words every day for the last week, which is my goal (minimum 1/2 hour daily). From somewhere I've come up with newfound discipline. Maybe it just comes with age.

I'm probably about halfway through draft 1 of my WIP novel. I want to finish this draft before the end of Summer break.

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Mazel tov, Meredith (multiple novels!), rcmann (2nd novel in a trilogy!), and InarticulateBabbler (over 203K!); and also to Robert and wetwilly (really?) who have become dedicated daily writers.

After being on call this past weekend and working Monday, I had most of today to go through my household to-do list and take two on-line CME tests on Pancreatic Imaging and Spinal Imaging (quite fascinating actually). I have only written 500 new words this past week for a potential "epic" WOTF Q4 entry--but I'm up to 13K already with three more scenes to go! I suspect I'll exceed the 17K limit and thus will not be able submit it. >sigh< Well, the story has the makings of a novel anyway.

The good news is I'm off the rest of the week and the weatherman predicts rain until Saturday. Wonderful! Just perfect for my poor habit of binge writing. [Smile]

Dr. Bob

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Yep, I did.

Critted a story, wrote on two stories, revised two and a quarter, worked a tiny bit on revising that novel I've been trying to work on.

Plus a plethora of notes, posts and an odd E-mail or two.

And a couple of Blog posts.

My one story did better than I thought it would here. With one I am still writing the MC is experiencing an engineered nightmare to make her feel helpless in defeating the guy who kidnapped her husband.

And congrats Julie

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Thank you, LD. [Smile]


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No writing. My basement construction has taken over my life. [Frown]

Probably another month of slothfulness. At least I wrote a story for Snapper.

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Managed 1,600 words on new chapter, but still working on outline of all the scenes in my head to the end of the book. I need to sort out which ones are important and which ones just need to live in my head. Managed some editing yesterday. Need to finish chapter to get to the required 10,000 . . . too bad I have to work a paying job...giggle. Enjoy everyone. KT
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