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Author Topic: Did You Write mid 2017
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This is a place to brag about your accomplishments, cry about your failures, and otherwise tell what is going on in your life.

As for me, I can only say "just a little."
My life has for some reason, become busy, even though I don't remember doing anything.

I have part of a rough draft of a story. I worked out the plot and have some of it roughly written. I had sent it to my writing friend and she said it was missing something. that means more plotting. getting the story to a finished level will take even longer.

I have done little about wood working as of late. AS I am writing this, it is 91 degrees out and I have to be outside with my wood working.

I have written my blog posts, but I am a little behind in the actual posts, though the past several weeks have been written. There again, time got in the way.

The main time I get to really do any writing is when I wake in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep. Of course, I suffer the next day......

So the question is,

I will say, for myself, yes.

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Yes, I've been writing right along. Published the prequel novella to the epic fantasy series I'm working on right now in May, Become: Brothers. (It doesn't fit in the main story, but I think it's important background into the relationship of two main characters, so I published it.) Am currently about half-way through the first draft of the first full book in that series. I wanted to be farther along by now, but it is what it is. Many other stories on the back burner, ripening.
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I write regardless, more idyllic so in summer when it's too hot outside to be in the wood workshop. Summertime is a time for me to regroup, develop or extend composition, publication, and woodwork techniques, design and plan projects -- and futile wishes for cooler weather. Before air conditioners, August was a time for lazy waterside dog day vacations, court holidays. Now that air conditioners manage inside spaces' climates . . . Extended woodwork techniques to include now new inlay techniques, tagua (vegetable ivory), shopmade composites, relief carving, aniline dye, to the segmented wood turning repertoire and texture and color palette.

Yes, each day, I average some thousand or so words written, mostly trial sketches and sketched summaries thus far, though, anymore, I am at the end of the Internet study- and research-wise. The puzzle pieces and parts are complete now -- the last challenge struggle left to satisfy only the dynamic and robust reality imitation "telling details" of any given narrative's events, milieus and settings, and agonist personas, for most vivid and lively dramatic movement possibles.

Deep study of Clarion workshops David Smith's "Being a Glossary of Terms Useful in Critiquing Science Fiction" extended access to the more nuanced narrative features I've sought. "Edges of Ideas" among the more valued criteria ". . . not the mechanics of a new event, gizmo, or political structure, but rather how people’s lives are affected by their new background." Affected by as well new moral truth crisis, contest, and discovery.

It's not the attached garage of a Tudor revival mansion in a gated community that matters, rather, that the assembled are each boomerang middle adult, punks in the sense of cyberpunk, steampunk, yada, who live again at their parents' after early adulthood independence forays: jobless, idle, twixter freeters who recreate rather than get on with adulthood's seven prime social expectation objectives: courtship, marriage, childbirth, career employment, home ownership, meaningful interpersonal relationships, and -- well, hope, because modernity life's vocational and social displacements due to mechanization, automation, corporate agglomeration, globalization, and laborer displacement and jobs elimination culled them from normative adult lifeway and career expectations.

A natural yet unforeseen consequence of post industrialization and post urbanization -- sloth of a generational segment, of X and Y's displaced by Digital Age business fiscal aggression, social science fiction in the miens of Ray Bradbury.

It's not the sterile garage shrine to off-limits ephemeral cottage craftwork where the crew gather for group roleplay games, it's this post-Postmodernism milieu and its impact on peoples' present-day futuristic lives. It's about traditional adulthood initiation gone awry.

[ August 07, 2017, 12:10 AM: Message edited by: extrinsic ]

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A lot, even though it has slowed recently.

Got a book ready-if I can find a proofreader. Got most of another one revised. Almost finished another.

Got, not sure, ten stories written since mid year. That doesn't count a few mini tales.

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Disgruntled Peony
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Haven't written anything since the start of July, but I did spend April through June on a short story. I'll be getting back to writing after mid-August or so. I've been working on a major drawing project, and only have time to work on one creative endeavor at a time.
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Robert Nowall
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After a pretty long gap, and retirement a month ago, I got something going these last couple of weeks. First another one of those endless lurid things that keep bubbling up out of my mind...then several drafts of a short novelization of an online lurid graphic novel, something I do to keep going (and when something interests me).

But then out of that last there evolved another idea, which I've written notes for, and may shortly write some scenes for---but which needs some research.

Felt good to be writing something again, though.

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Wrote a big chunk of Book 7.

FINALLY found the right series title!

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I think I wrote 3, maybe 4, short stories all the way through and started 2 or 3 more.

I also recently started a new job which has really thrown me off my game. Hopefully I'll get my writing back on track by the time Nano rolls around.

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I haven't been on the forum for quite awhile, but I thought I'd pop in. I've been writing...about six books a year for the past while. I've published about 30 books, most of which after I became inactive here. My latest was released the last week in October. I'm writing as Guy Antibes and most of my stuff is on Amazon...all self-published e-books and paperbacks. One of my series is even on audiobooks through a publisher.

I've been reasonably successful and that is owed, in part, to what I learned here at Hatrack River.

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Kathleen Dalton Woodbury
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Congratulations, Owasm. Sounds like you've been busy.
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My basic worldbuilding technique boils down to "but that happened because" working backward from the present into the ever-deepening past.

Lately I found myself writing a series of flash stories that were built the same way -- the point of each spawned the next story, which lies in the previous story's past -- so they need to be read in order, backwards up the timeline, to understand what's going on.

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Hey Owasm boy is that a lot. Are you on GoodReads?

I will check them out

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Okay, I am not really sure all of this list is after mid 17 but most will be. Not in any order BTW, just as I recall them.

One 54,000 book in November 4,000+ on the same book since.

Maybe as many as 20 short stories-most really short.

Finished up The Courier and revised it.

revised Journey of Mystery

The last two might have been at least partially before mid point of the year.

Seems like there was something else but can't recall it. So I might be back to add to this.

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