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Author Topic: NSG 4/17 - 4/23
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I thought I would start this again this week.

I have not done much writing this week at all. This new outline has given me all kinds of trouble. I'm thinking of setting it aside for now and coming up with another novel idea. It has been a long time since I've done any writing so that may take me a while (at least to come up with a decent idea that has not already been done to death). I may just go to the bookstore and go on a spending spree.

I read a post this week (don't recall the source; may have been here) where someone sent a novel manuscript to TOR and it took THREE YEARS to get a rejection; and he did that two more times. That's just crazy. Definitely makes sense to start working on the next novel while waiting (I was planning on that anyway). In that time you could complete a trilogy by the time you get a rejection. The sad thing is that you cannot submit simultaneously during that time.

I really like to create my own worlds. Thus, I would "classify" my writing as high fantasy. However, with the current urban fantasy trend I wonder if the market will accept that. However, with it taking three years for a manuscript to be read does it matter? By that time the trend can change. Certainly makes it difficult to write for a trend when it takes three years to even be considered.

Sorry if I sound a bit depressed. I do have a positive outlook on my writing. It's just taking me longer than I hoped to get back into the flow.

-- William

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I may need a different type of 'support' from all of you.

I've once again changed my mind about what I'm working on.

Perhaps, I should be posting this on the Make Up My Mind Support Group board.

Clinically, I can blame my indecisiveness on ADHD, and walk away from it with a clear conscience (so to speak ), but that form of retreat won't solve my lack of efficiency problem.

Here's what's up: I've made a promise to myself. As of last week, I have undertaken a writing project that is, in some ways, unlike anything I've ever attempted, and I have given myself until the first weekend in September to complete phase one.

Once I fully realized the scope of my new project, and held it up against the calendar, my exact words were: "What the hell was I thinking?" Still...I want this done, so it shall be.

I'm still going to give crits for those I'm currently working with. I'll still be seeking crits for my YA novel from those same people (thanx!!!). I'll still work on any of my short stories that come back with rejection slips, then send them back out. But, until September, I cannot say I am officially apart of the NOVEL Support Group because I'm not entirely sure my new project qualifies as a novel.

Can I come to the meetings anyway?


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read a post this week (don't recall the source; may have been here) where someone sent a novel manuscript to TOR and it took THREE YEARS to get a rejection;

That is crazy! TOR's own website says four to six months. And explicitly says that if you haven't heard back in six months, you should resubmit. After six months, I would either resubmit, as they suggest, or send a letter withdrawing the proposal. Then you're free to submit elsewhere.

For myself, I have changed my priorities around. I am trying to get ready to send out a proposal on Book One--writing the synopsis and polishing the first couple of chapters. It's time to start sending this one off and prepare to move on, even if it does scare me to death.

Oddly enough, I've chosen TOR as my first target, in part because they want proposals, not full submissions. The first four chapters have been critiqued by a few people and are about as good as I can make them. I can send those off and still get critiques and polish on the later parts of the book while I wait six months for an answer. In my opinion, the last half of the book needs the least work, anyway. Though I would like other opinions on that.

So, for next week, these are my goals.
------There are a few things I want to fix up, primarily in Chapter One.
------Get the synopsis into shape.

After that, or while I'm taking a break from that, I'll either work on a couple of short story ideas in the same world, or else work on Dreamer's Rose, which is a completely different story in a completely different world. I need to do some world-building on that story before I go back to it. That part's fun.

That should give me enough distance to come back to Book Three and figure out why I'm stuck in chapter five.

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Last week was a disater, so I'm just going to forget about it and move on.

This week - finish off critiques, finish work on my WotF story, and write down the ideas I had for the end of SS.

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I'm stalled while I wait for reviews of chapter two to get back. So I'm not nearly as far as I should be by this point. Though as soon as two comes back, I can send three out, and four right after.

Goals for me: Finish edits on three, four and five. Write summary/proposal. Send off chapters.
(Also: finish thesis proposal by Monday to give to my advisor. Whip input file into shape and get survival probabilities by the end of the week.)

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I've put over 5,000 words into one of my collaboration (CoE) and have been doing a lot of work on the house. I finished my Wotf first draft, did a couple of critiques, submitted a couple of short stories and got a shipment of new books (shudder with happiness)from the UK--books I can't get over here!

Next weeks Goal: essentially the same as last week.

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Jeff Baerveldt
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Made my goal of getting to 25,000 hard words by the week's end. For manuscript words, I'm slightly over the 30,000-word mark (about 120 pages).

Goal for this coming week -- Another 7,000 hard words and/or 35 pages.

Also, I need to finally draw the map for my story. The journey is about to begin, and I need to have an idea of the what lies in wait for my characters.

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So this week, I get to open my Dragon Fate file.

I'm a little nervous. There is a lot of work that needs to be done.

World build this dag thing,
rules of magic, desciptions
Second draft here goes.

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