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Author Topic: Aurelin Prime and Lila Prime Femme
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Grabbing the antique handle before him, Aurelin opens the door. The hinges creak in protest of forgotten mobility. Dust stirs, illuminated by the steady light of the open doorway. Aurelin's eyes dart around quickly assessing the hovels drab interior. With a sniff of disdain he saunters over to the only furniture arrangement in the room and picks up a chair that was laying discarded and useless on the floor. As he sets it upright the presence of dust is inescapable and gray smears appear on his olive green slacks and cream linen shirt.

Annoyance ripples across his defined features, and for a brief moment, rage flares in his eyes. The ancient doors creaks again, announcing the next arrival. Aurelin closes his eyes, regaining his composure and breathes, lips pursed closed. He stands and the air around him swirls momentarily as light footsteps move closer to him. His eyes flash open, revealing his now dust free suit, and he locks his gaze on the newcomer and a pleasant smile graces his lips.

"Ah my dear, I knew you would not be late. In fact, you arrived before I could have the place straightened up for you." Aurelin turning, gestures to the neglected table and two more over-turned chairs.

"Really, sometimes I wonder if you ever were truly my brother." Lila scoffs. "It should take no time at all to reorganize such a small establishment." A bemused giggle escapes her lips and she raises an eyebrow at her brother.

A mischievous twinkle playing in her eye, she lifts her arms. The long sleeves of her graceful maroon gown fall in a surreal fashion around her elbows, as if allowing her arms passage without the inhibition of the laws of friction and disobeying the very nature of time. Without even a hint of movement the chairs are upright and all of the dust floating around the room and on any surface is gone. The walls and floor, now a clean slate of granite, sparkle in the light of the doorway and windows. The table and chairs of flawless ebony stand in stark contrast to the white granite, absorbing the light instead of playing with it.

"Ah, yes," Aurelin murmurs through clenched teeth. "I suppose that would have been faster."

Though Aurelin's words are acquiescent in nature, they fall hollow as Lila takes in the look of contempt on his face. Her shoulders sag slightly, matching the edges of her mouth as she acknowledges to herself that she had upset him, yet again.

"Shall we await our guest?" Lila saya softly.

He nods in agreement and pulls a chair from under the table, bowing slightly and gesturing for Lila to be seated. He then pulls out another chair for himself and poises himself on its edge, placing his elbows on his knees and his chin on his fists. Now they simply wait for the other. The one who feels himself important enough to address those of the First Creation.

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A disobedient mote of dust enters the room and flits around Lila's head for a moment before alighting on the table. It begins to glow pink and pinker. When the light dies back there's a tiny, asexual fairy sitting on the edge of the table, swinging its feet puckishly. "Awow! You're bigger than I thought you'd be." Its voice is girlishly irreverent. "I'm supposed to tell you..." it squints at a document written on a itsy bisty flower petal, "ya, I'm supposed to tell you that the master is repainting the aurora australis, so you should hang tight until he's done. If you don't have that kind of time, I'm authorized to bargain on his behalf. Something like that, I got hungry on the way, so the last part of the note is missing. Why did we have to meet all the way out here, anyway?" The creature emits an irritated puff of glitter. "Why don't we go to the pub? I won't tell if you don't."
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Aurelin stands and rolls his eyes. “Ale is for those who wish to loose themselves, ones of our stature are not privy to such enticements. But as for the master's project, does he really need to do this now? He hasn't even consulted us.” He glares down at the pink puff ball and grits his teeth in irritation.

Lila places a calming hand on Aurelin's forearm, guiding him back down to his chair. “Now, let us not be rash in our judgment of this. I am certain he has been planning on this repainting for a while. We do not, ourselves get out of the area much. This is a fine opportunity for such a course. We are already away, are we not? And it will allow us to take our time with this...um fae...” An uncertain edge tips her voice at the end and she gives the small creature a quizzical look.

“Perhaps you are right.” Aurelin concedes. “However he should have consulted us before taking on such a task. In our own realm. The man is getting senile Lila. I am telling you, we need to do this our way. We have no need of his guidance or protection anymore. Why do we stay?”

“Aurelin, really?” Lila says, “Must you start that again?” She stands and walks behind his chair, placing her hands tenderly on his shoulders. “You know very well why we stay. He is our creator, we owe our loyalty to him.” Leaning over she whispers in his ear, “There is still so much to learn, and what of our bodies? Only he knows how to give us substance.” Straightening back up she notes the small changes in his posture as he bristles at her words but she knows he cannot deny the truth therein. “You would do well to keep your mind on that goal, dear brother. Question the master no further. We need to get back to the matter at hand.”

“So little imp, has the master sent you with news of the council?” Aurelin puts undue emphasis on the word “master” as if it is a poison in his mouth. “We are to meet in two turns of the earth but he has yet to tell us what it is he wants. Rensith and Velhaj have been spending countless turnings in the other realm, yet we are not allowed passage. Why has he given them such favoritism and left Lila and I to simply wonder at their doings. Are we not equitable to his cause? Or has he know decided to let us in on his little secret?”

This time Lila does not make an attempt to dissuade Aurelin in his questioning. Though she herself would never assume to say such things aloud, they are thoughts that burn inside of her, creating discomfort even as she attempts to stamp out the traitorous thoughts. So, instead of calming him down, she lets him fume and simply gazes at the little pink fae.

“So? Have you answers?”

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