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Author Topic: K'mar
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(I am new at this, so please, forgive the general rustiness [Smile] )

Hello there! Yes I have a few moments to speak with you, I am at the moment resting from having ridden with my friends for three days. I am head of a peace delegation to the country Alanti. Why? Well I had the erhm..misfortune of aggravating some people higher up when I displaced our previous leader. Why didn't they just have me killed you say? Well Almark (our past leader) was vastly unpopular, so the people love me (but between you and me I think my superiors are hoping I get killed trying to cross the border). Oh my name? Lord K'mar Kul Malken, Second Seated Muse, at your service! Am I magical? Well I guess you could say that, musery is really a science when you get right down to it, using music to control energy, that kind of thing. Really you have some more questions? Ask away!

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Robert Nowall
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Hmm, Lord K'mar Kul Malken(By the way Nice to meet you-you sound like an intelligent, brave leader) first question is who is exactly in charge? It sounded like you were now but than there is those pesky higher up people.

Is there a First seated Muse or Third seated?

Besides killing the old leader, what qualification sod you have to be leader? Evidently you don't need many but have you commanded smaller units?

Who are the Alanti and why would a peace delegation by in that much danger?

That's it for now but this sounds interesting so I will be back with more

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Sir Nowall, musery is the process by which music is used to channel emotion. Emotion is much like that archaic thing called electricity; it is just that we have learned that emotion is like another plane of energy, and music is a way of controlling it. Really anyone can do it, any artist, be they painter or warrior, who feels passionately for their work can imbue it with musery. Just some are better than others, and as far as music is concerned I am one of the best. And of course some disciplines of musery are better at different things.

LDWriter2, thank you for the compliment, you really are too kind. To answer your first and second question, the Council of the Muses is in charge. When Almark was ruler I was placed as Third Muse because I appeared to be malleable and stupid. I am neither of those things; it is simply that most people donít ever accuse a fool of thinking too much, which allows me to scheme.

There are six Muse in the Council, first seat being highest and sixth lowest. While I have retained my title at Second Seat, the Council has established a replacement for while I am gone. They have everything in place for an untimely death. Why didn't they elect me as first Muse? Because Kara kul Vit was Second Muse, and even though she was Almark's lover they let her continue to Head Muse. They didn't even make her go to trial! And then why not me personally? While I tricked Almark into betraying his part in the Great Plague, I did it in such a way that retained my apparent stupidity. Also I am young, merely 25 and am considered immature as well as stupid. I also have only led small units a LM's (Lesser Muses) and then the fight was not very tough.

Ah but the Alanti, well Almark succeeded in taking over their kingdom. But when he died they were in a better position to recover than we were, making them the more powerful of the two. Almark did some pretty horrendous things to them, and then when the new Council of the Muses sent a delegation after Almarkís death, the delegation managed not only to insult the Alanti Matron, but also seriously wound her son. The delegation was sent back beaten and bloodied with the Matronís last words being that only the Savior of the Alanti will induce her to listen to a delegation from Jayar. I think she meant her local Deity; however, my Council finds it convenient to believe that she means me, being the person who killed Almark.

*Sorry this is a really long post. I tried to shorten it, I really did! [Big Grin] Side note: I am trying to think of small reasons and a couple big ones why two countries won't get along culturally. As a big one I already have Alanti being a Matriarchal society vs. Jayar's Patriarchal. Ideas are welcome!*

Edited to edit insufficient info.

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