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Sending Books for Signature

OSC has made the difficult decision that he can no longer accept books sent through the mail for his signature. He cannot be responsible for your valuable collections nor does he have the staff to handle the volume of books people would like to have signed.

As an alternative, OSC has made available special bookplates to accommodate those who want their books signed. These bookplates are sold at cost (OSC never makes money from his signature) exclusively at the Hatrack Store and are all individually signed by OSC.

If you want personalized signatures, you will still have that opportunity at public book signings. Please check the calendar for future dates. Any books sent for signature will no longer be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Card and Johnston continue the fast-paced hard science fiction history of the Formic Wars-the alien invasions of Earth's Solar System that ultimately led to Ender Wiggin's total victory in Ender's Game

- - - B U Y     T H E     B O O K - - -

A Town Divided by Christmas
- - - B U Y     T H E     B O O K - - -

- - - B U Y     T H E     B O O K - - -

Orson Scott Card is once again partnering with Barnes & Noble in Greensboro NC to provide signed and personalized books for Christmas.

Check out other great books for Christmas at the Hatrack Store

Eight Master Classes

on the art and business of science fiction writing.

Over five hours of insight and advice.

Recorded live at Uncle Orson's Writing Class in Greensboro, NC.

Available exclusively at OSCStorycraft.com

Thank you to the Israeli Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy for awarding a retro Geffen award to the Shadow Saga.

Every now and then it's fun to talk about the nuts and bolts of writing!
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