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Author Topic: Hatrack Roll Call!
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You're 20 years old Diosmel? I'm 19,and I can't imagine being married by then. Power to ya though. [Big Grin]

[ April 23, 2004, 10:47 PM: Message edited by: Nick ]

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My name is Imogen, and I'm Australian. I'm 21, almost 22. I'm engaged to Scythrop (Tony) and at the moment we're both at university - I'm in my last year of 5 year law degree and Tony has just started his Phd in creative writing.

Tony is a author, and though he doesn't like to brag about it here, he's pretty good. He's got 4 books published and another one is coming out in July this year. We like the royalties. [Smile] Tony's books. The biog is going to be changed - it only makes sense in the context of his latest book, which is for little kids.

We both joined up about the same time ago - I guess coming up on a year. I post more than Tony, but not nearly as much as other people.

I think people are finally understanding my odd sense of humour. At least, some of them. Sometimes.

imogen [Mad]

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That is so awesome, Imogen!

But please, I am still cracking up at your signature. Stop it!! You promised only one day!

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Sorry Elizabeth. I've stopped. I promise.

( [Mad] )

That was it.

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I am a 29 year old mormon midwesterner who came out to Utah for BYU and never escaped. My spouse (screen name beverly) and I have 3 kids, and our 6-year anniversary is in 2 days.

I got involved with Hatrack because of how much I enjoy reading Uncle Orson Reviews Everything and War Watch.

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Nice to meet you Yank! I was on my mission when you left on yours and was pretty much a lurker before I left, so I didn't know many people back then. [Smile] (Btw, where did you serve?)

I'm a 25 year old female from Portland, OR...I'm graduating in two months with my B.A. in Music and I'm starting grad school to get my M.Ed. I want to conduct choir and teach music history. I have a wicked classical music CD collection...and there really are a lot of other weird facts about me. You'll just have to ask everyone else.

Welcome back!! [Smile]

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My name is Rob Brill, and I am a 34 year old male who is married to a woman named Jenni, who also posts occasionally on Hatrack as JenniK. Some times I answer to kiwi, but it depends on who says it....

We live in MA now, and Jenni is attending UMASS as a senior, with a Spanish major and a Japanese minor. She also speaks fluent French and Italian, as well as American Sign Language.

I am currently working at JC Penney selling Mens Suits. I spent 3 years in the US Army, at USAMRIID, and was a medic with his NR-EMT certification.

I have been posting or lurking here for about three years, so I think I remember you, but not your leaving on mission,

Welcome back!


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Hello! I'm a long-time lurker, short-time poster. I recently moved to Kentucky from Indiana, and am a thirty y/o English major who is 30 credits away from graduation....so close, yet so friggin' far
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Primal Curve
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I used to be Perelandra. Yeah. How's the rootbeer these days?

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Hi Yank,

I'm a recent addition to the Hatrack rolls. I'm a self-employed house painter living in Kansas. I've been on the planet for 42 yrs. I'm married to a 2nd grade teacher and I have a beautiful 14 yr. old daughter (she will be much more beautiful when that perpetual sneer goes away). I enjoy reading, punning, the making and evaluating of beer, and good conversation.

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Howdy, Yank!

Maribeth, but everyone calls me Mayday (which, to answer PSI's question: my fiancee can spell my middle name right and I can't ::ashamed:: )


Roman Catholic

Louisana State University Class of (hopefully) 2007

Been here for a little over a year. ::blames fiancee::

Engaged to Bernard
Roommate to Correlle, occassional poster (she blames me)
Neighbor to Toretha

[ April 24, 2004, 08:04 AM: Message edited by: MaydayDesiax ]

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I'm :Locke... I've been here for years, but my recent entry into highschool has kind of pushed me into lurker status. I remember you, though, so welcome back.
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Hi there!

I'm ElJay, I'm 30, I live in Minneapolis and spend my free time reading, remodeling my house, and cooking. And, um, on the Internet.

In my not-free time I am middle-management scum for a giant telecommunications company.

I got here because I am dkw's little sister and maid of honor in her upcoming nuptials, and she kept sending me links. I seem to be staying.

So very pleased to meet you.

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punwit! Since when did we get another Kansan on this forum without me knowing about it?

I joined Hatrack last fall. My real name is Tracy, but per my screen name, I truly am a Kansas farmgirl (yeah, we have horses and chickens and everything).

I'm a 43-year-old single mother of three kids who are 18, 16 and 14. I work in network technical support for a regional bank.

I'm not a mormon, but am very familiar with the lds religion because I almost converted to it several years back (yes, I still have my Book of Mormon). (If your "mission" was in Kansas, you very well may have talked to me!) :-)I'm a fundamentalist Christian at this time.

And, of course, most importantly I'm a huge OSC book fan.

But since there are some of us that are new -- isn't it only fair that YOU also post this type of bio, since we don't know you yet? All I have been able to figure out is that you are a Utah Mormon, just returned from a mission trip (somewhere where they speak Spanish, I think) and you are at this time unemployed. right? Is your photo on Foobonic?


edit: I got my own age wrong! Forgot about that birthday last month....

[ April 24, 2004, 11:26 AM: Message edited by: Farmgirl ]

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