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Author Topic: How's your divination? (Harry Potter VII predictions)SPOILERS ALLOWED
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first time through I was convinced that Snape was completely evil and Rowling had finally stopped playing with the Snape is a red herring plot thread.

Second read through I'm not so sure anymore. Hard to tell, written very ambiguously, though I think the evidence is slightly in favor of Snape's goodness. I just really want a better explanation than Snape crushed on Lily and Lily's death made him reform. I want Snape to have a really good explanation for betraying Voldemort.

And all the things Snape was trying to tell Harry? Won't do a bit of good against Voldemort, Harry's going to kill him with love, and maybe milk, or am I mixing up 'Ernest Scared Stupid' [Smile]

And as to Gwen's awesome 'special' song, it's tough to say but one of the most interesting things about Harry is that he's not Doc Savage. in fact he's pretty average, A very sort of Bilbo type of person. And I hope he gets a Bilbo sort of ending.

Details noticed in the HBP reread:

Dumbledore 'sensed' the magic in the cave to find the door as well as discover how to open it. Dumbledore sensed the invisible chain (or he just knows how to see it now, per his comment in the mirror of Erised chapter in 1) and he also said that Voldemort's arrogance overlooked who could ride the boat across. Two fullfledged wizards could not, but the boat wouldn't sense Harry. Dumbledore also figured out the potion via the same Yoda magic.

All this makes it all the more tricky for RAB to get in and out of the cave with the locket. But what if Voldemort wouldn't ever have considered any non-wizard magic in the boat. He's arrogant enough to overlook house elves. What if RAB, for instance, brought a house elf with him? House elves can see through invisibility charms (dobby finds harry in the library in goblet of fire) they can sense magic and apparently aren't bound by restrictions on wizarding magic (apparating inside hogwarts, complex magic without wands) and they're strictly forbidden from using a wand (because it focuses their already powerful magic?). Dumbledore also says a single wizard could not have overcome the ordeal, so I doubt RAB was more powerful than Dumbledore. And the houseelf could be made to drink the potion (or could assure the safe passage out of the cave via their magic if the wizard drank it) and if the house elf recovered from the callous treatment by it's master, it possibly might make the houseelf more than a little insane, bitter and generally malcontented.

Naturally Kreacher would be the ideal candidate to have made the journey with Regulas.

And Dumbledore says to Draco that "we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine." Most of the order seems thoroughly convinced Regulas is dead, but I wonder what Dumbledore knew of Regulas, but if Dumbledore knew he was alive, it stands to reason that Regulas would have inherited Grimmauld place, not Harry, and that the house would not be fooled by Dumbledore hiding a wizard away for safekeeping. Plus, to hide, RAB might have informed Dumbledore of the locket, he can't have done that. RAB is probably dead.

And anyway, I noticed at the end of Order of the Phoenix Harry threw his mirror into his trunk and it shattered. I wonder if 'reparo' still works years later...

My prediction for the end battle, it winds up at the ministry and Harry is backed against the ever locked door and opens it to blast voldemort with pure love, thus destroying him forever (because Harry/order will succeed in destroying the other horcruxes, somehow).


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Ah, but le locket is no longer in Grimmauld Place! It was taken away with all the silver . . .
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I thought the locket was stowed in Kreacher's bed area? Mundungus took the silver black cup and other stuff, I didn't think the locket was mentioned...
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Very interesting idea with Kreatcher jd2cly60. Ill have to keep a look out for it.
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I believe the first horcrux, one made possibly by accident by Voldemort was....


Horcurxes (Horcruxi?) are items or people where you dump parts of your soul for later extraction.
he decided to excise everything with in himself that stood between himself and being the strong powerful wizard whom none could ever hurt again.

So he dumped all his compassion, caring, love, honor, valiant thoughts, beauty, etc, and it either became or it entered Lilly.

Now imagine your options when the item you have placed your soul in has a child. Worse, it is the part of you that you hate, that you wished to remove and reduce, not watch grow and spread.
Now Harry is the only remnant of the good parts of what once was Vordemort's soul-- which is why he must be destroyed, and which is why he must survive.

Two problems:
1) How do you accidentally kill something and dump all of your compassion, et cetera, into something(/one) else?
2) Someone dumps all of the good parts of his soul into someone else so that he can be powerful and evil? And at the end I'd guess that the good parts get reunited with the bad parts and fixes him? Sounds like a certain other book by a certain author to me.

Then again, maybe I'm overanalyzing the books I read. I found all sorts of interesting parallels between HP and LotR.

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So, if Snape is good, then why did he kill Dumbledore? Is it because he was bound by the oath he made to finish what Malfoy could not? If he had chosen not to kill Dumbledore, would he have died for breaking the oath? Or was he forced to kill Dumbledore because of the oath? If he had a choice, then Snape chose his own life over Dumbledore's, which is not necessarily evil, but certainly not good, either.

Or did Snape kill him for another reason? Did Dumbledore want to be killed? I am still surprised at how much trust Dumbledore put in Snape. It makes me think they had something between each other that none of us knows yet. If they did, what good would come of Dumbledore's death? I suppose he could become like Obi-Wan and guide Harry, but from what I understand of the Harry Potter universe, dead wizards cannot influence the living world (except through false reflections of themselves, as in the paintings of headmasters who talk, or unhappy ghosts who linger and accomplish nothing). I have not heard anything where the actual spirit of the deceased person can communicate with the living.

If this is so, why would Snape kill Dumbledore, except that he was evil (or the oath forced him)? But then there are too many signs that he was good.

Snape did flinch when he made the unbreakable vow after hearing what he had to do. This makes me think he was trying to pretend to be evil, and realized how tough it was going to be to fulfill this oath without actually doing something evil.

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1. Dumbledore is dead! He may talk to Harry and others through his portrate, but he will not return to life. Rowling made way too big a deal (through Dumbledore) about how the desire to live for ever and cheat death were fundamentally evil. There is no way she can get around that if she brings Dumbledore back to life.

2. Harry will either be the final Horcrux or believe that he is. Throughout the series, Rowling has alluded to the fact that Harry's battle with Voldemort is at least in part an internal battle with his own dark side, and having Harry believe that he is a Horcrux and must battle himself to kill Voldemort is a logical cullmination of that theme. In the end though, I don't believe that Harry will have to be killed to kill Voldemort, although he will certainly believe that at some point. He will instead find a way to vanquish the Voldemort within without destroying himself.

3. Ginny will play a critical role. We will discover that as the 7th child of a gifted wizarding family, she is an extraordinarily powerful witch. Harry, Hermione and Ron will exclude her (to protect her) so she will organize the DA and work independently to vanquish Voldemort. The two groups will be united at the book's climax where Ginny will play a crucial role as Harry severes his connection to Voldemort. She will probably do this through love rather than magic.

4. We will find out that Aunt Petunia is actually a squib and Lilly was not from a muggle family.

5. Harry's scar will disappear once Voldemort has been vanquished.

6. Snape will turn out to be good which will shock Harry when Snape comes to his aid. Part of Harry's battle to defeat Voldemort will involve forgiving Snape.

7. Harry's potions book will turn out to have belonged to Lilly, not Snape. Snapes knowledge of the book is the result of a connection between Snape and Lilly that will be revealed. Or perhaps the notes in the book are Lilly's tips which either she or Snape wrote into Snapes book. Either way, the book will turn out to be a bond between mother and son.

8. Hogwarts will not reopen until Voldmort has been vanquished. When it does, Harry will be the new DAD teacher and Hermione will teach potions.

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Another options:

To insure peace, the ministry announces that Voldemort has been captured. They also announce that Hogwart's will reopen, with a new head master--Tom Riddle.

Tom needs to return to Hogwarts to gather some of his missing things.

This will force Harry to return, with dread, to Hogwarts for his final year.

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