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Author Topic: Eye Issue
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Okay, I've already requested an appointment with my eye doctor, and I'm waiting to see if they can work me in. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what to expect.

My left eye started feeling like it had something stuck in it last night. It also felt a little like pinkeye but it wasn't pink at all. I took out my contacts and put in some eye allergy drops, which seemed to help. When I woke up this morning, my eye still looked fine, but felt even more pinkeye-ish and/or like there was something stuck in it. I went to check it in the mirror, and it looked like there might've been an eyelash stuck under my eyelid, so I got it out. But the pain didn't stop. I also noticed two small dots on the inside of my eyelid. I can't tell if things like that are normal, or if there is something wrong. They are two very small dots that are sort of yellowish-colored instead of pinky-red like the rest of the underside of my eyelid. My other eye is feeling kind of icky too, more like it has pinkeye or is really dry. Or something. But again, it looks just fine. I have had problems with eye allergies in the past, but usually my eyes turn red.

I don't wanna be stuck taking this cruise with my glasses. [Frown] Has anyone had anything like this happen and can give me some clue what it is?


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Sometimes there is granulation tissue on the underside of the eyelid after even only minor trauma (e.g., stuck lash irritant). Only an opthamalogist can tell you for sure -- I don't think anyone can know enough to make other than wild guesses without examining you in person.

However, odds are that whatever it is will turn out to be perfectly treatable. Meanwhile, warm or cool compresses and some ibuprofen (if it's okay for you to take) might help you be more comfortable.

Other wild buckshot which may or may not be at all relevant:

Chalazion (benign and generally low-grade inflammation of a certain structure in the eyelid)
Hordeolum/Stye (infection, usually of one of the hair follicles of the eyelids, starts out mild and can get bigger)

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I've had similar symptoms with the onset of Winter a couple of times in the past. Both times, the doctor told me to use a warm compress for 1/2 hour a day; both times the problem went away after a week or so.
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So it turns out it's just eye allergies. Yay! Nothing serious. I have to use two different kinds of eyedrops for a little while. But it's not pinkeye or something in my eye or anything! [Cool] The doctor said he doesn't even need to see me for a follow-up unless something goes horribly wrong.


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Awesome! I was going to say that once when I had pinkeye, it started with me thinking I had something stuck in my eye. I tried to get it out for like 2 days then I went to the ophthalmologist and he said I had conjunctivitis. Apparently it's very common for that to present as a feeling of something being stuck in your eye.

I have some of those cortisone eye drops and they really help with allergic eye problems. (They also help my migraines. If I douse my eyes with those drops and then spray the rhinocort up my nose, most migraines I have will go away in four to six hours. I know... not great but still way better than taking narcotic painkillers.)

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Hey, neat. The first thing I thought was allergies.

Me smart! [Big Grin]

edit: Ok I really need to go to bed...

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