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Author Topic: Finger painting prodigy
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Amazing, that is, if it's real.

This kid is awesome! I tried to find other videos, but this seems to be the only one.

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The top commenter seems to think it's fake.
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I'm pretty sure that I heard somewhere about a little kid doing something very similiar to this. Apparently a lot of people somehow caught the parents while they were faking a painting. They had like told the kid where to make the dots and I think the father was the one actually doing a lot of the work.

It's funny because I was almost certain that I heard about the story from Hatrack.

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The fact that you never see the kid and the painting at the same time (only up to about half a hand), is pretty suspicious.

Also, it's clearly filmed for production in this way. A real parent filming his kid would get much more of his child in action and less of just the arm and the painting and the kid seperately.

Unless I see a more convincing video, my money's on a fake.

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Video isn't loading for me.
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James Tiberius Kirk
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If this is the video I'm thinking of, I'm also fairly certain it's fake.


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rubber hand
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I agree with the first comment on the video, if you watch carefully there is a difference between the first smudge he makes and the series of dots shown in the first zoom.
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And when you see the kid, he is kind of slapping at the paper and giggling, but when you just see the hand, the fingers never change position at all.
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Omega M.
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Isn't there some girl---she's around 5, her name begins with an M---who really is a painting prodigy? At least her paintings have been sold for thousands of dollars. To me, though, they're too "abstract" to convey much of anything; they simply look like swirls of color. I'd be more impressed if she could paint a good bowl of apples.
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I didn't pay as much attention to the hand's movement or lack thereof, or the kid's hands. What I did look at was the composition. I've worked with a lot of 3-year-olds and while some of them are very talented artists, and many of them do have a strong sense of composition and design, it just is not within the comprehension of most three-year-olds to learn how to do a painting as it's done, even if they were taught the technique. An intelligent three-year-old could learn the dot composition technique, but I cannot believe that a three-year-old would put the dots down in the order they are put down. Does that make sense? Even if he had very, very advanced motor skills and had been drilled in the technique, he would not compose the painting the way it is composed.
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Dr Strangelove
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Yeah, if the video was real, I don't know why they wouldn't have shown a shot from above which showed for sure that it was the kid. This is like one of those shots from the movies where you see the star sitting at the piano but can't see the keys, then you see the hands and the keys, but not the star. Kinnndaaaa makes ya wonder ...

Omega, I know who you're talking about. I can't remember her name for the life of me, but I remember having the same thought, that they were too abstract. They were skilled though. I can't remember her age, but I do know it was very young.

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