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Author Topic: Reader's Guide to Primary Thread, pp. 1-10 added
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Reader's Guide to the Presidential Primary News & Discussion Center

I'm starting this because I can't remember how far back the explanation on Texas delegate allocation was.
(will continue later, haven't found texas info yet-yeah, I could ask, but I was trying to be self sufficient somewhat.)

Page 1: January 1, polls for early races; Huckabee and Obama win in Iowa; Obama's VP?

Page 2: "Ron Paul is the only electable Republican"; Chuckabee; Clinton was 3rd in Iowa; Obama's Iowa speech; the Giuliani strategy

Page 3: MI and FL disenfranchisment & the party machine; Assasination PTSD; Fred Thompson; Congressional alignment

Page 4: Constitution bars Bill Clinton from VP; NH results (Jan 8); Bloomberg running Independent?; " It's what Elliot Spitzer will run on when he eventually runs for President"

Page 5: Clinton leading NH after down 10 pts in polls; "So did Hillary win because she cried? "; Democrat turnout; independent spoilers

Page 6: Crying politicians; MI rep 1/2 delegats; Richardson out; Regional political flavors; a republican debate; where do delegates come from? McCain jumps to front of pack in national polls

Page 7: "after seeing Hillary cry I just felt she could use my support"; Rep infighting; define "liberal" and "conservative" etc. ; Mitt's non-winability; Obama muslim emails;

Page 8: Third party? Clinton discounts MLK's importance; Obama says she was not racist, just government-centric; MI Hatrackers describe their decisions; race politics; "what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards" -Huckabee; Hillary spanks Uncommitted by 15 pts

Page 9: Romney wins MI, on to SC; look ahead at conventions; media myth-spinnery; Hillary sues NV union over caucus site

Page 10: Nevada, hispanics and the west ; Delay blasts McCain; Senoj links to delegate allocation; Paul 2nd in NV, SC kingmaker?; define "Neocon"; Thompson and Hunter drop out (Jan 20)

Page 25: Potomac Primaries; Obama moving on to McCain; Which Dem has more votes; Clinton's Latino Campaign Manager resigns

Page 26: Feb 14, what about Wisconsin; 100 years in Iraq; debates; CIA Torture vote

Page 27: Romney to endorse McCain, but wouldn't it be cool if...; Kerry and Gore endorsements, punctuation of $

Page 28: Obama -- Muslim or anti-semite?

Page 29: Obama's foreign policy; Define "moderate"; Obama's pastor & Israel; Science curricula

Page 30: Science curricula II; Texas Caumary system! (Yea, I found it, boo, it's wikipedia);
Does Obama's dad make him muslim or at least murtadd? Jill Preston, superdelegate!

Page 31: Wisconsin & Hawaii Feb 19; Enough already, Clinton! Some Cindy and Michelle

Page 32: Obama's Trillion dollar promise; Cindy and Michelle - Fight!

Page 33: Obama's budget; Myers Briggs test; McCain lobbyist scandal

Page 34: Open primaries; Americans abroad primary; Obama's surrogate with the hardball guy; Bill O'Reilly

Page 35: People post in response to themselves about Cindy and Michelle; Nader's back.

Page 36: How bad does Hillary need Texas and Ohio; is it sexist to call her Hillary.

Page 37: Feb 26 debate; polls; McCain's citizenship; Obamacans

Page 38: Robo-calls; BSG; Red/blue states; NAFTA scandal

Page 39: NAFTA; pollster.com; How can anyone still believe Obama is Muslim?

Page 40: March 4 results (OH, RI, TX, VT); Clinton's speech that implies McCain is a better choice than Obama; Huckabee steps aside

Page 41: "The democrats haven't shot themselves in the foot yet. It is more like they are standing there with a gun against the foot, finger on the trigger, saying "this is going to be awesome." -scholar; Also, Ron Paul = never say die!

Page 42: Lyrhawn lists remaining primaries after 3/5; FL and MI redos?; Samantha Powers on Hardtalk

Page 43: Define "unfair"; Samantha Powers resigns over "monster" remark (3/7); Ron Paul = probably not

Page 44: Israel, China, UN; 3 a.m. call ad features Obama supporter; Mississippi primary 3/11; If Obama was a white man, deedle deedle dig-a dig-a dig-a dum... ; Sinbad outs Hillary's Bosnia sniper story;

Page 45: Hillary's No. Ireland Peace claim "a wee bit silly"; FL mail-in mulligan?; Dem End Game spreadsheet (which I need to update); Mississippi results; California tally boosts Obama by 8

Page 46: Obama's campaign commentary on Clinton memo; Dream ticket; Ron Paul might still win, if McCain dies or pulls an Eliot Spitzer; somehow we miss Ferarro resigning (probably it's own thread) because now Wright resigns; General election projections; McCain VP; are Republicans responsible for Clinton's wins?

Page 47: Obama's speech on race, Clinton still ready on day one; the Onion's candidate profiles; McCain on Ira[q]n

Page 48: (3/20) Wright's comments revisted; Bill Richardson endorses Obama

Page 49: Shadow banking, Richardson called "Judas" (Happy Easter!); Someone make it stop (the Clinton Campaign)

Page 50: What if Clinton's financial backers told her to quit; Clinton wrestles Bin Laden [Wink] ; Clinton poisoning well? ; folks who would only vote for Obama; Wowbagger says we're bashing Clinton. [Blushing]

Page 51: 20 Clinton backers send gag letter to Pelosi; Clinton's polls hit new lows; Clinton's flip flop on MI and FL; Superdelegate 101; McCain defends Obama; West wing parallels?

Page 52: Which rock did Bush pull Cheney out from under?; Professor Obama; Wowbagger defends Clinton, Resh threatens to punch his screen; Obama says Clinton should stay in race

Page 53: Bush booed throwing ball on opening day (3/30); Clinton out of money?; all pretense of civility breaks down on hatrack

Page 54: Porn!=prostitution?; Clinton says Lewinsky off limits; Clinton claims the Balboa mantle, intelligentsia snicker; Does Obama take oil money?

Page 55: (4/3) No one takes Christian white guys seriously; Another debate; FL delegates to be seated after all?; Mark Penn meets with Columbian officials; Who is to blame for FL/MI delegatelessness?

I'm going to bold the resignations, just for fun.

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Nice work, pooka; thanks.
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Lol, some of the page titles are rather amusing.

I think my favorite is "Cindy and Michelle - Fight!"

But good job, it looks succinct and accurate, and I imagine it's time consuming. Thanks pooka.

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Mortal Kombat?
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prospective first lady googlefight
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Updates are new pp. 40-55, didn't get back around to the first two dozen pages yet.
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Aw crap, I dissed someone for bringing up the oil money again, and apparently I didn't include it.
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New updates for pp. 1-10, including a strangely prescient quote on Elliot Spitzer.

Maybe I'm super paranoid, but I wonder about the timing of the Spitzer Scandal, and who stood to gain, and I'm thinking of the Bear-Stearns bailout - which was a major shift in Federal Reserve Policy. Eh, I dunno. Better start putting that beer bottle on my doorknob at night.

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