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Author Topic: New: Introduce Yourself!
Jessi D
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Alright JK, I'm taking the initiative. New members: please introduce yourself to us here on this post. If anyone wants to reference the old introductory post, it's titled "Role Call". We're going to let it go because it grew rather unmanageably large (seeing as we all have trouble sticking to the topic around here.)


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I am not new at all, but I'm going to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself to all the new and old people here. This will also serve as a model introduction...

My name Steve Rossiter, 20 years old, living in Wilmington, North Carolina. I"ve lived here most of my life. I go to a business, medical, and technical college here in wilmington, and getting a degree in microcomputers...

I've been dreaming up stories for as long as I can remember. My imagination has always been my best friend. After I read Ender's Game in the 7th grade, many moons ago, I knew I wanted to be a writer. That's why I am a member here at hatrack... I want to discuss interesting ideas and methods of writing and gain new insight and improve my skills.

I'm quite insane in my view that writing is a craft and every word writing on a page is also a part of a techique. No word is on that page without a purpose, plan or reason.... Being strong in English and sentence structure is a good start, but crafting good stories has nothing to do with that.. I'm a terrible speller and, in my opinion, a good critiquer.

I like to write fantasy and science fiction, but I'll ready anything that is different and well written, and interesting.

Love you all, and I can't wait to meet you newbies.

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oh well, maybe I should introduce myself a little too

My name is Pasi Niskanen, I'm 21 years old and I live in Sweden. I've lived all my life here, but my parents are finnish in case anyone was wondering why I have a finnish name, although I guess that most of you here wouldn't know the difference between swedish and finnish (except the few swedish words in Speaker for the Dead, the names of Ender's students). And I've been surfing the net ever since 1995 when I started high school and saw my first PC and instantly fell in love with it I guess that my (hopefully) good knowledge of english language is because I used to chat and MUD way too much, and read almost only english books all the time, because most of the books I want to read never get translated to swedish, the market for SF and fantasy isn't that big over here. But my local small bookstore has a great selection of english SF and fantasy so I'm not complaining
Other than that, I'm a full-time philosopher (read: unemployed), and I have wanted to become a writer as long as I can remember, I really don't know what would have been the first book I read that got me wanting to write myself, but I did spend the most of my childhood with my nose buried in a book I guess the reason I haven't really tried any writing myself yet (except what I had to write for school and so) is because the more books I read, the more it makes me realize I could never write anything *that* good Maybe I should start reading more crappy books to actually realize I'm good at writing... hmmm, I eat way too often at Mcdonald's, and I love listening to Pet Shop Boys ( go ahead and laugh )
And the best SF writer is still Isaac Asimov but of course he is closely followed by OSC, but I don't think that any living human could ever surpass the greatness of Asimov's books

OK I guess that's enough about me, atleast I can't think of anything more interesting to write at the moment so you'll all just have to read my biograpy sometime in the future when I get famous

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JK here. I had planned to start this topic myself, but my biggest personality trait prevented me (i.e. laziness of the greatest degree). I'm not especially new, but I'm not veteran like TUML.
Let's see. JK is only my net name (and my nickname if you're a close friend), and it stands for James Kelly, Irish name, but British born and bred (and proud). JK is also a little personal tribute to the lead singer of my favourite band, Jay Kay (the band being, of course, Jamiroquai).
Technically I've been writing since I learnt how to use a pen, but serious attempts at writing started about a year and a half ago. Since then I've written a novel, started two more, and had ideas too numerous to count (more irritating than you might think). Major influences have been Mike Stackpole, OSC (naturally), and Frank Herbert. Asimov never really influenced me that much (sorry, Wyclef, blasphemy I know).
Right now I'm facing A-levels and university.
That's all folks!

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Thanks JK, I was trying to figure out how to spell 'blasphemy' last night
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Jessi D
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About me...briefly if possible. I'm 22 (aaagh)and fairly new to this site. I've wanted to be an author all my life (not kidding, my parents helped me make all these little folded paper books starting when I was four years old.) I ran away from the calling <grin> after high school and then a year ago I came back to it. OSC has been a big influence for me, along with Tolkien, R.L. Stephenson, Coleridge, and probably anyone else I've ever read. I'm pretty eclectic as you can see. After running around this site for awhile I finally picked up an Asimov work and finished reading it last week. I have to admit that I can see he was quite brilliant in his own way. Who else can write an entire book with almost no action and still keep you riveted?

I live in Wyoming, USA, the armpit of the world I swear. It's freezing right now and we're under like a foot of snow. It snows in July here sometimes and when it's not snowing then everywhere you look it's brown, brown, brown. I took Spanish all the way through high school and college and my goal is to move to Costa Rica once I'm rich and famous. I studied there in college and it's everything I love all in one peaceful little country.

One last note, I am very, very un-PC. Raised fundamentalist Christian background, own several guns, hunt avidly, annoyingly obsessed with moral decay...you get the picture. Despite all that, I attempt to keep an open mind and I do not actively engage in judgmentalism when I can recognize it in myself.

I enjoy getting to know you all (by way of your opinions I mean.) Thanks for the entertainment...oh I meant enlightenment, of course.


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Jessi, at least you get snow. Over here in pretty old England, it's either rain, heavy rain, or hail. Count your blessing before they hatch.
Several guns, huh? Perhaps I should take that last bit back.
Glad to be of service, Wyclef.

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You guys are making me feel my age, here. At least I'm getting meet the next generation of authors. Can't feel that bad about that, right?


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WillC, I hardly believe you're a decrepid writer hanging around on an Internet site. I reckon you're just feeling a little old (you don't have a birthday soon, do you?)
I've noticed we've only had 7 posts, and I know there are more people in here than that. Come on people, we wanna get to know you!

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All right, I'll bite.

I'm 25, I have a Bachellor of Fine Art with an emphasis in painting, a minor in music, and a job as a secretary. I've been writing since I was 8 and I love it! I have so many ideas in my head that are aching to be written, paintings waiting to be given life, but I have a hard time balancing my three loves (art, music and writing) and the job that pays for my bread. So my loves invariably get dropped from time to time.

That's how life goes, I've heard.

I have this distinct feeling that my art could support me, if I could only take that flying leap and spend all my time working on it instead of being a secretary. But I really don't know, and I'm not brave enough to try yet.

In the meantime... I meander through websites with writing tips, I steal moments here and there to put down 500 words, I get a hurried sketch down on paper. And I press on.

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I feel really young...I'm seventeen and a freshman at BYU. I love poetry, but I also try to write something longer once in a while, mostly for my own enjoyment (I don't really expect to get anything published). I love working with BYU's SF/F magazine, "The Leading Edge," as I am one of the few in this world who loves grammar, critiquing, and reading! (Well, not the last one...) Um, I was born Canadian, so have dual citizenship. I just say that so I have some interesting thing to boast about!! And I have a list about a mile long of books I want to read tomorrow. I have a website, recently up, which will tell you more about my boring life, if you feel so inclined... www.geocities.com/brinestonerkp
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Shy Ghost
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All right, I'll chime in with a little more about myself.

My real name is Michael Scott Hayes, but almost everyone knows me as Scott. I'm 27, and currently work as an audiologist in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., where I have lived since the age of 10. I've been interested in writing since I was very young, starting with a poem that I wrote at the age of 5 or 6 which was published in the local paper in Florida. I'm severely-to-profoundly deaf, which lead some to predict when I was first diagnosed that I would never learn how to read or write beyond a fifth-grade level. So pleased to prove them wrong. I started getting into short story writing seriously in 1989, and went on a seven-year hiatus starting in 1993. I'm now returning to it, starting work on what I hope will be my first novel. Writer's block is not my usual enemy: I'm a world champion procrastinator, so it'll be interesting to see if I can finish this thing before the end of the year.

My favorite authors, fiction and non-fiction, are OSC (natch), John Irving (A Prayer for Owen Meany ranks as one of my absolute all-time favorite books), Terry Pratchett (his Discworld novels absolutely kill me), Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Dan Simmons, Neal Stephenson, P.J. O'Rourke (very, very funny non-fiction writer), Daniel Boorstin, Dava Sobel (her books Longitude and Galileo's Daughter are two of the most engaging and lively history books I've read) and Jonathan Lethem. I like Tolkien as well, for while I did enjoy The Lord of the Rings, I love even more his masterpiece The Silmarillion, which is the only book I've read that when I finished the last page, I immediately turned back to the first page and read the whole thing again. Honorable mention goes to Michael Ende, whose novel The Neverending Story I had the good fortune of encountering at the age of 11, and it changed forever my view of the potential power of books. Never mind the movie, (which is an adequate, if flawed, adaptation) it only covers the first half, and it wasn't even the most interesting half of the book. I still have my copy from when I was 11, and re-read the book at least once a year...still seeing things in it with each new reading that I hadn't noticed before.

Now that I've babbled enough, I'll go away now.

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Hanrod Brightstar
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Ha! Turn your back for five minutes and a whole bunch of nice new folks move in! Welcome all!
My name's Kieren and I live in Canberra Australia. I'm also 30, which seems to make me one of the oldest (consarnit).

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OK, not much time so i'll be brief...

I'm 13 y/o, I live in New Mexico, I'm in 8th grade, I've been writing for several years and hope to publish someday ,and I love reading. Uh, I play video games...not sure what else to add so i'll submit now

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JP Carney
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Hello, one and all! I have just discovered Hatrack River and have been trying to devour as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. I saw this thread and thought, "no time like the present."

I'm 28, living in the Midwest, and a community planner by education and profession. I love reading and writing science fiction and fantasy, have since I can remember. My favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, Stephen King, (do I have to actually say OSC?).

I've always considered myself a writer, though it's only been within the last year that the serious bug has bitten. I have set a goal to have at least one thing published this year. In my new fervor, I have been scouring the web trying to find a few good writing communities -- you can imagine my excitement at finding Hatrack River.

I'm looking forward to the inspriation, motivation, and infrequent (but necessary) kick in the pants that can result when people of like passions get together to share. It feels good to be here (and I've only just arrived).



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New Member
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I have been a lurker on this site for quite some time, and more recently in the forums.
I've finally decided to come out into the open, and I plan to join a group once I actually start writing on a more regular basis than I have been.

I've been writing all my life in one way or another, but lately I've realized that writing is really something that I want to focus on. It's the ONE thing that I can't seem to be happy without doing. And yet for the last few months I haven't been doing any at all! Let alone anything else halfway productive...I'm sure many of you have gone through similar blue funk periods. No energy. No motivation. No nothing...

I'm 23, living at the moment on the Northwest slice of the US. I'm a dot com whore and a graphic designer. Apart from OSC, who I didn't even REALIZE had a fan following until I ran across this site(!), a few of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy writers are Octavia Butler, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams and Tolkien (of course). Other favorites include Maxine Hong Kingston, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Italo Calvino, and Milan Kundera.

When you're a consummate lurker, posting makes you nervous. As if...oh no! People know I'm here now!!

I am so very glad to meet you all.

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I've been in and out over the past two years (this is the third time I've had to create this account name, heh).

I'll be 24 this Saturday. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, moved to Beaverton, spent a few years in Tempe, Arizona, then came back to Beaverton. My life is about THAT eventful.

Typing is about the most exciting thing I engage in, except only my relationship. I've been all over the net in forums, but I am very interested in this site.

To be honest, the first Card book I had ever read was _How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy_. It was the first moment I truly wanted to write. It was masterful. After that, I immediately bought _Ender's Game_ and read it in eight hours. From there it was a run of OSC books as well as many others.

I picked apart the stories. The way they were exposed. The stylisms the authors' had used. I was very arrogant, tossing aside books I had no patience for, studying only that which I deemed as well written (I hope that all that effort may someday pay off).

What I found to be the best stories were the stories that had something to say. They felt honest and right, sparing no thought or irony. I abandoned all my plot developing tools and reached back within myself for something I wanted to say. I had to be myself. It seems obvious now-a-days.

Now all I have to do is apply my lazy self into doing exactly what I want to do (finish something). I am the epitomy of lethargy, so I have a lot of habits to develop.

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New Member
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Seems to be nice folks here. Hi, I'm another newbie and I wanted to say hello to all of you. I'm 42, and I live in south Georgia U.S. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but didn't attempt to write novels until a couple years ago. I love to read and write horror.

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New Member
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Hello, my name is Dennis. I've been lurking here for a while and just decided to join so I could post now and again. I live in Michigan's U.P. in the Keweenaw Penninsula(also knows as the Copper Country). My family is from here, but I've lived here for only the last 15 years. I was born in Flint, MI. I'm an OSC fan and like to write scifi to a certain extent, but I don't plan on making a living from my stuff. Its fun and I'd like to keep it that way. ;-) Well thats about it. Have a good day.
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Hello! I am Deanna Rittinger. I just joined today. I am a 32 year old mother of 5 ranging in age from 2 through 12 yrs old. I write because I will explode otherwise (very messy, and I am the one cleaning things up around here!)

I started out as an actress in school, and loved it! I had had a very rough childhood and acting (and reading) allowed me to express myself through imagination, in a way that was denied to me at home. I got married right after high school so my schooling stopped and the babies began. I kept acting through church and because the pool of people to draw from was small, I added directing, producing and coaching to my list. With all the children it was difficult to arrange babysitting with my husbands work schedule, to enable me to get out for rehearshals. Then I discoverd radio commercials for the local radio station! What fun that was! till they closed...

So now I am using muscles I have been reluctant to excercise due to my lack of schooling. Writting! I admit to loving it and have several ideas and such in my mind...but I am slow at it. Because I am wrestling with a lack of good writting tools like sentance structure, spelling, grammar..etc (due to trying to survive during that time in my life when the rest of the world learns those things) it's like trying to run with an extra 100lb .....too much jiggles! If you can believe it I am much better at now than I was when I started (9 yrs ago). Between having and nursing babies...("too much day with not enough nap" was the mantra of my fatigue)I am just now waking from the fog with energy!!!!! Sorta like a garden hose, attached to a fire-hydrant!

You will see lots of me, because I am planning on using you shamelessly to glean what I can since I cannot get out to school right now. My turn will come, but saying yes as I did so long ago to having children means saying no to others for now, because they need to be my first responsibility. But that doesn't mean I should stop growing or stretching where I am!

Writting allows me to stop when I need to, and vent when I have need to (so I don't explode as I mentioned earlier) I am having a grand time! I am also discovering areas where I need to grow. I have problems I would like to thrash out here that I cannot with the writers group I am involved in because they are very busy and would like to keep the circle on E-mail, not here on the site. Which is fine...I will come and bug you instead!

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I am Danzig. I am 16 years old, and a junior. When I write for school, it is pretty crappy, because I have to conform to certain guidelines. When I write for myself, I cannot say whether it is good or bad, but it's better than what I write for school.

I got my name from the punk/metal vocalist Glenn Danzig, but he is not my favorite musician. That honor belongs to Iron Maiden, whose songs have inspired me quite a bit.

Dreaming of Desolation,


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Hello all,
I just now discorvered this site, and I'm reading furiously, and absorbing all I can.
My name is Becky, and I'm 17, and I've only been writing for a year, but i've been
learning how by leaps and bounds. I've always been a fan of books, sf &f in particular, but i also read sherlock holmes, James Herriot, and any book about horses I can get my hands on. learning to be a writer has definitely been interesting for me, because my novel,eventually a trilogy, has taken over my life. I'm also deeply invloved with the theater at my school, though I'm currently working on the last play before I graduate <sob>.
Ummm... yeah, I guess that's it, other than I'm really happy to find a bunch of people
who don't think my obsession with writing is strange.


P.s.-just in case any one was wondering, kwsni DOES stand for some thing-Knight Who Says Ni! Did i meniton I'm a HUGE monty python fan? <grin>

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hey peoples, i'm 18, and majoring in creative writing at appalachian state u in nc. my life goals include: becoming Empress of the World, complete eradication of Satan's new plot (you know, pokemon!), the revival of cool 80s cartoons, and educating people on the intelligence of blondes. okay, so the last one may be a bit difficult, but hey! blondes deserve an equal chance too!

i write the two extremes -- comic YA fantasy (a la Patricia C. Wrede), and depressing-as-crap post-apocalyptic sci-fi. anyone else think there were way too many dashes in that sentence?

i have multiple neuroses, including the fact that i speak to and about my characters like they're real people (they are! they are!), and most definitely, my HUGE problem is falling in love with my heroes. does that happen to anyone else? i even fell for one of my evil dudes once, but that's another story . . .

and i'm a monty python freak too (brave sir robin ran away . . . ), and a trekkie (ahh! i've admitted it!), and i even own the video of into the woods . . . and i think i'll stop before i divulge any more embarassing facts about myself <grin>.

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A little update, this is my new name. My old name used to be Xenocide, (See above), but the password was erased I do not remember it.

Lol, my other post doesn't describe me all to well, (I was probably shy, but not any more!) So I'll add a little...

My real name is Patrick Ward, but everyone calls me Pat. I live in New Mexico, I'm still 13 and in the 8th grade, I am currently working on a novel titled The Chameleon Disturbance. Heh, I don't play video games much anymore nore do I read, (Much to my dismay, but I find that when I read and write I find myself copying phrases from that book, a very bad prospect indeed) Right now I'm on spring break and chuging along in my novel at 10 pages a day. I also write to get my emotions out, but not so much. I love to write, and if I could I would do it all day, (which I AM doing, since it's spring break and I can!). That's me in a nutshell.

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New Member
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Hey, my real name is David Marino. I'm 22 and just graduated from Emory University. I've always liked writing, and often, despites my best efforts, I get lazy and go into a self induced writing coma (which is the worst thing an aspiring writer can do).

Anyway, I'm trying to write more and reading OSC's Character and Viewpoints really made me decide to start writing seriously. My primary interests are Fantasy and Science Fiction, but I have no doubt that one day I'll expand my horizons


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Hi, there. I'm a not-quite-single, 38-year-old mother of two. I work as a magazine editor and writer for an association of 9-1-1 dispatchers, supervisors, etc.

I write at work all the time, but it's not fiction. In fact, I've only written 4 short stories in the last 21 years and have never attempted a novel. I just don't think I have enough to say to sustain a novel, although half of my short stories have tended to be long-ish.

I live in Florida and am in one of the Hatrack writer's groups.

And my user name comes from the character I play in a Medievale Faire every February. Her name's Cupcake and she wears a corset-like bodice. She's a blast to play.

I like to read more than I write (mostly out of fear and laziness, I confess). I also act and sing. So I'm as much extrovert as introvert, I guess.

I hope you folks will provide me an occasional kick in the arse to put my ideas on paper, as well as food for thought.

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I have to ask this -- if you as much extrovert as introvert, doesn't this like, cancel out? What does this make you then, a neutrovert?
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I don't know how to saY THIS, buT I am the youngest at twelve, a book nut (I read at least one novel a day if the weather is right) and I like to write. As soon as I get out of elementary school (here you go there until 7 th grade) I am going to skip some grades. I am megalomanical, and if i brag don't be offended, because it's a bad habit but really really fun for me and belittling to you.
I live in Dallas, Texas, and i wish I lived further north because everyone is wimpy when it comes to heat or cold and they talk funny but i came from utah so there. If you are another texan don't be offended, it's just not my place.
Anyway, i've read the homecoming series and the ender quartet and all of the bean books so far.

good luck from a two day old newbie for what it is worth,


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well, seeing that no one has written for awhile, I think I might as well. My name is Andrew Cox and I live in Northern California.

I am 15, but started to have a passion for writing at the age of 11, after reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. He is the author that has most influenced me, but others that have are Frank Herbert, OSC(as others have said), Terry Brooks, and Stephen Lawhead.

I write for the High School newspaper and I would like to finish a novel sometime soon. It seems I am the third youngest person at the moment, but I guess I didn't realize how old some of the people were. I am looking forward to hearing all of your opinions as I will stay on this site for as long as I can.

As always

-weaver of dreams

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Hello all! My name is Sam and I'm an alcoh.. ummm.. newbie... I'm 23 years old and currently live in Phoenix, AZ. I think that I've always been a good writer, but there's a lot of room for improvement and I have a lot of work to do.
My wife is responsible for turning me on to OSC, and subsequently my entire family is now hooked. I've been visiting this site for some time, but have only recently started browsing this forum. The atmosphere and attitude of everyone here is what has driven me to join (it's hard to find respectful, intelligent people out there!).

Since my writing bug has only recently been reinstalled, it's a relief to know that I can expect thoughtful and useful feedback on my scribble without any damage to morale

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It would appear that this is where the first posts from new members go. A long introduction would include my complete background, the history of my profession, and a detailed description of each hobby. The short introduction you get includes favorite authors, books, my basic information, and my interest in writing.

My favorite author is Greg Bear followed by OSC. Favorite books are Anvil of Stars and Lost Boys.

My real name is Lucas. I'm 20 and do networking support for Microsoft, although I'm an Macintosh dork at heart. I live in Tucson, AZ and don't know what direction I want my career to go in next. Maybe some hardcore network security? I have always had an interest in writing, but have suppressed it due to whatever excuse I think up at the time of procrastination. I don't plan on making writing a profession. The one chance I have to write for food is that we never know exactly who we'll be next.

Well, it's time to jump in the fog and battle my way through the gigantic water molecules of frustration (bad metaphor). See you all in the message boards!

[This message has been edited by Neuroslice (edited May 21, 2001).]

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Saveliy B Samoylov
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My Username is my Name , I am 13 male , want to become a writer . I currently started writing on a story , if anyone wants to see and critique it you are welcome to email me at samoylov@prodigy.net .
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I am RoJoHen. I joined a month or two ago, but I've only posted maybe twice. I've been too busy. I am, however, a regular poster at the TrekBBS (if you also post there, you prolly know me). I am an avid fan of science fiction, and I think that's the first time I ever used the word "avid." Anyway...

I'm 16, waiting for my lisense. I'll be driving with an instructor starting next week, and then after two weeks of driving, I'll get my blue slip, and then later I'll be a lisensed driver. I won't have a car, though. Oh well, no biggie.

About my writing...I have mostly written Star Trek stories, but I've been told they're pretty good. The reason I've done Trek is because I'm a giant fan, and the characters have already been created. I just put them into situations and try to keep them to their character. I've lately been doing my own original characters in both Trek and non-Trek sci-fi stories. My goal as a writer is to write a storyt before I graduate from high school, a story which depicts teenagerdom as it truly is. I hate reading books or watching TV shows where the only thing teens care about is looks and being popular. It's completely unrealistic. I want to write a story that tells the way high school really is and entertains at the same time.

So...that's me in a nutshell. Any questions?

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Hi there! I'm a brazilian 28 years old graduate student and occasional writer. My name is my nick (Márcio) and - as you can guess by that - I have problems to 'name' the characters of my stories , as well as to find suitable titles for them.
I always loved sf (actually, the first non-brazilian book I ever read was '2001' - a good start,I'd say). I went through Arthur Clarke, went by a detour reading loads of Agatha Christie and Stephen King, and lots of other unworthy stuff ( ok, laugh at me: I read almost everything Sidney Sheldon wrote until 1990 ).
Finally, I recovered my sanity and returned to good and old (not so old!) sf! My majors are:
Dune series - always a surprise for me; every time I read it I discover something new (unfortunately, I'll have to wait until next year to see the TV series )
Rama series - although Clarke is not that good when writing with Gentry Lee. More on Clarke: 'Childhood's End', '2001' (of course!) and 'The City and the Stars'
Huxley and Orwell - maybe my strongest influence. nothing to say but WOW!!
Burgess - 'Clockwork Orange'
Walter Miller Jr. - 'A Canticle for Leibowitz'; I'm genuinely surprised I haven't seen this book mentioned in this forum! It's an all-time classic! The best 'The End' I've ever read.
...and others.
Two remarks:
1. The first OSC book I ever read was 'Speaker for the Dead'; imagine my surprise when I read the back cover of it at a bookstore and there was that guy writing about a colony settled by brazilians!! I had to read it! And, of course, I loved it (even if his Portuguese is, sometimes, a little clumsy - as well as my English, by the way ). Since then, I can't help looking for his books; there are only a few translated into Portuguese (e.g., the Ender saga, here in Brazil, stopped with SFTD), but I read it until 'Children of the Mind'. I must confess my preferred OSC book is 'The Worthing Saga' - which I'm reading again.
2. There are few sf writers in Brazil, and fewer space for new ones. I know it is quite impossible, but I have to mention two wonderful Brazilian sci-fi books: 'Não Verás País Nenhum' [something like 'Thou shalt see no country'], by Ignácio de Loyola Brandão. and 'Projeto: Evolução' [easy one: 'Project: Evolution'], by Henrique Villibor Flory. If you stumble into some of these, don't hesitate: buy it immediately, even if you don't read Portuguese !
Now, a few last words about me: 2 years ago, I was awarded for a novela I wrote. It was a free theme contest; nevertheless, my story was prized, printed, copywrited and everything, something that made me very happy. I'm currently writing another story (a novel), but I always wanted to translate it for English. Well, the question is: would you help me doing it?? The story is ready (in fact, it's been waiting for this for the last two years, but only now I feel a little more confident to try it - but I obviously need help, as you can easily infer, e.g., from my [incorrect] usage of prepositions). I have begun the translation, but I really need to show it to English speakers...
I would also appreciate (actually, the right word is BEG) comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc, for I would like (in long term) to turn the novela into a full novel.
Well, that's it. I'm not used to work with internet foruns, so I wait for some reply. Should I post a new topic? I wait for answers.

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Doc Brown
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Fellow writers, hello from a newcomer!

My real name is Mike Substelny. My UserName is a nickname that I have been using all over the Internet for many years, chosen because I drive a DeLorean. Seriously.

I am 36 years old and have a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering. I teach college engineering classes and also work as a consultant. I have a special academic interest in Artificial Intelligence, though I seldom find work in that exciting field.

Two or three times a year I write nonfiction articles that are published in magazines (specialty publications that you have never seen).

I also write humor. Whenever you find yourself laughing at my writing, I will always insist that I planned it that way.

Years ago I wrote a series of science fiction comedy screenplays. While I do not intend to continue that series, the experience was quite valuable to me and my posts to the forum may make references to that project.

I only recently discovered OSC, and reading Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead has rekindled my desire to write more fiction.

Finally, my wife and I live in Cleveland, Ohio, "The Best Location in the Nation." With a bit of imagination, you might surmise why I drive a stainless steel automobile.

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Hi, im new here. Name is Qihong Bao, from Edison, NJ. I'm 16, going to school at JP Stevens HS. I'm a very zealous reader of Mr. Card's novels, and that's how I found Hatrack. I do a variety of writing, mostly fantasy and imaginative, and is trying to get into poetry. I would much like to be a part of this group and share my love for writing with you all.
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Doc, you drive a DeLorean? How did you come by that?
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Doc Brown
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Killian, I just read an ad in the newspaper one day. DeLoreans are out there. So are Porsches and Lotuses.

(Doc cleverly selects a marque which offers a bit of writing challenge to end his post . . .)

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hmmm--maybe a person's car has something to say about their writing style? What do you drive and what style do you use?

Lets see I drive a 7 series BMW, black.

I am female but write agressive stories with strong main characters who don't do well with being pushed around. I also add a hint of humor and a lot of self discovery and comentary on the human condition with 9ut being obvious.

Fits I guess.


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Hi, I'm Vi.
I write a lot of stuff and except for my poetry I invariably hate the endings of my writing. The one long peice that I didn't hate the ending of was a one-act play titled Monster which was one of five plays which won this contest thing. Now I'm working on revising some of my other endings.
I have a sarcastic streak, but I'm generally the peacemaker in Hatrack Young Writers, but that's because I'm one of the oldest. So I decided to make the transition from under-18 forum to over-18 forum a half-year early. Of course, now I meet all you 13- and 12-year old pipsqueaks (kidding, love you guys) and I'm not so sure it matters...

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Holy Fuzz
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And then there's me, Fuzz, yet another young (16) writer. I know that I come here only with you all's consent and blessing, so if I ever do anything stupid, just tell me to shut up, and I'll leave.

Anyway, I started (seriously) writing very recently (~6 months). My feedback so far has been very positive and encouraging, and I've gotten tons of useful advice from people, and I hope to have returned the same.

BTW, Locke, how do you do it? You must read at like 4000 words a minute or something...

Anyway, hoping not to be too much of a nuisance.

- Fuzz

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Man, this thing's getting long again.
Hey, I didn't know you were on here Locke. I also didn't know you were that young, wow! A book a day's pretty impressive as well. You're just full of surprises.
RoJoHen, I don't see how you can write other people's characters. I tried it once and it drove me nuts! I had to keep worrying, 'Is this in character, is that in character.' I gave up, it was too much hassle. Unfortunately my OS only functions in a world of its own. I envy you yours; mine must be Microsoft.
Marcio, I can't get the little doo-hickey thing above the 'a' in your name. Forgive me. A Dune TV series? When did that happen (yeah, I know it hasn't happened yet, I meant when did the news become general knowledge, cos it passed me by completely). I hope it's not gonna be crap...
And I don't drive a car, cos I'm not old enough. No, not true, but I haven't got a license yet. Guess you'll have to get my character by what I say, not what I drive.
Vi, wahey! Another sarcastic person! You gotta love sarcasm, it's just great. And I sympathise with endings, they're a sod to write.
For everyone (especially those I haven't said anything to yet) a very huge welcome. And no that wasn't sarcastic...

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Kathleen Dalton Woodbury
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Well, this part of the writers forum really is for those over 18, and there are some of the over 18 group who would rather keep it that way.

As long as people behave themselves and are considerate of the others here, I don't think we'll ask anyone to leave.

Try to avoid outright silliness, though, ok?

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Holy Fuzz
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I only come here because I respect you all's opinions and advice.

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I'm Jan, 20 years old and I just started the forum.
I am a poet at heart, but there's a short story writer lurking to get out lately. I've wanted to be an author ever since I was, like, 5 years old and was asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?".
I'm a second year University student in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), getting a BA in English.
I love classic books, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, stuff by Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte... etc.. I LOVE Shakespeare.
I just "discovered" Sci-Fi and Fantasy books this year (though I have been a long-time movie fan) when my boyfriend insisted I read Ender's Game or else we'd break up! So I read it and then the whole series and then a few more OSC books. He is an amazing author.
I'm currently (finally) reading Lord of the Rings.
That's about all for me!

(PS Jayelle stands for J.L.- my initials)

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JK, I a huge Trek fan, and I know the characters so well that I don't have any problem keeping them true to themselves. It's easy to do something if you know your stuff. Besides, as far as Trek goes, there have been dozens of people who wrote different episodes, dozens of people writing the characters. And over the years, they evolve based on the ideas of multiple creators. What's one more?
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I'm Adam Ellsworth. 26. At the moment, I'm in Germany on an internship with an electronics manufacturing firm, but I'll be back in the States in a month.

I've got a year left of college, studying Electronic Engineering Tech.

I started writing in third grade, but stopped when I looked through a book I had written for the principal and realized it didn't have any words, just pictures. Boy, did I feel childish. Picture books were for little kids. Anyway, I just started writing for fun again recently.

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My name is Meg.

I'm not only a prose writer, but a poet. Right now I'm going to school and I'm writing.

I first came across Orson Scott Card in the 8th grade...not by way of Ender, though. I knew I wanted to write science fiction and fantasy after I'd read stuff by Anne McCaffrey in the 6th grade. But in 8th grade I saw his book "How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy" and I still have that book.

I didn't know anything about the Ender books until my Junior year in high school.

I always seem to do things backwards.

Besides writing I love music, law, basketball, and many other things.

I also do "beta-reading", which is when I read over someone's story and send them comments. So if you've got a sci-fi/fantasy story, chuck it my way (frostjaunt@hotmail.com).

My favorite ice cream is vanilla. My favorite song of the moment is: "My Madonna" by Dexter Freebish. My favorite movie is: "The Green Mile". My favorite TV show is: M*A*S*H

And that's enough about me!


Somtimes you have to pull down your pants and slide on the ice
- Sidney Freedman


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Myre Adrai
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My name is Andy, I live in Plymoth MA and I go to Northfield Mt. Hermon(High School) I read Ender's Game in 8th grade. I am writing all I can and have posted several stories in the "stories" scetion. Anyway, I;m glad I found this site.
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I am Goober and you knew that.

I have been here for over a year, in the pasts months its been a real on and off again thing. Oh well. Things change. Its still nice here though, its tough as nails finding an educated discussion around me. It feels so good to hear people talking about something I can relate to!!

Most of you know me. And if you dont, you should. And if you question that, I say...why not?

And age wise I am "old enough".

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