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Author Topic: Did you write? 01-26-09
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Did you write? 01-26-09
The weather is still rough. I guess I will take the blame again because I did not write, sucking the heat out of the world.
This note is intended to be a prompt, to get myself, and the rest of you, to write at least once a week. We know the note is coming, so we will strive to get something written, no matter how little, so we can brag that we actually wrote during the week. It does not always works because life gets in the way.
As usual, I have my definitions of what is writing. You can choose your own definitions if they is not in my list. My list is just a suggestion in case you did not realize what you were doing could be writing.
Anything new that is written, is writing, of course. Anything you edit, even if it is not yours, is writing. I consider poetry as writing. Articles and blogging is also writing, along with Writing assignments. World building is also writing as long as you get something on paper. E-mails, can be writing, if they are very wordy and pertain to writing. As mentioned, there are others, but you have to justify it in your minds.

I am keeping up to date on my story ideas. Two weeks ago, I had 47 story ideas in my "to be posted" compost stack. I have posted 14 story ideas and now have a measly 48 story ideas in the stack. I gained an idea even after posting every day. I am in a period where ideas have come rapidly and many of them look really good, exciting to post. There are others that I really do not care for, but will post them anyway if the conditions are right.

I have an art show in two weeks. I am working to get my pieces up to a presentable level, especially new pieces. I will have far more than what I have room for, but will decide what I need when I am setting up. the main pieces I am working on, are worthy of showing off, if I can get them done in time. I am using this as a partial excuse for not writing anything. I am also painting some cards with hatching ducks on them. Like my Christmas cards, these have been fighting me. I am making headway, but it is rougher than I had hoped. The last time I did hatching baby ducks, it was just one card as a gift. Doing a dozen of them does make a difference.

As to the question of the day,
I am ashamed to say


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I did. I finished the first draft of Dreamer's Rose. And I actually wrote almost 300 words on the sequel to The Shaman's Curse. Tough to get started again, but it'll pick up momentum--I hope.

At least I'm not staring at a blank page any more.

[This message has been edited by Meredith (edited January 26, 2009).]

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Yes, I did. Not as much as the last weeks, but did get to writing another piece 1/4 of the way through. Yes, I am hiding the fact that it was only 500 words, but have been busy with work, and my father and sister are here for 2 weeks which cuts into my writing time in the evening. But still, I wrote, not as much as I wanted, but to be honest more than I thought.
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Yes I wrote. I have spent very little time writing for pleasure these past few years, and so I recently promised myself that I would change that habit. My goal is 500 words per day.

My mini-breakthrough happened yesterday when I started brainstorming on paper. About 300 words in I realized that a character's voice, and not my own voice, was speaking. I felt so awesome that I jumped up and danced around the house. Unfortunately, that interruption really broke my concentration. I only wrote about 500 words until I became frightened of screwing it up, so I stopped.

I write at work, but it's really hard for me to justify that as creative writing, so I try not to include it in my accomplishments.

I'm currently writing a strongly worded letter to my professor of Shakespeare, but he will never see it. I'm not sure whether I can call that writing, because I'm really just venting about his expectation for the students to just regurgitate what he thinks, rather than exploring Shakespeare's observation of Elizabethan England.

I just signed-up for Live Journal, and I will be incorporating that into my daily writing as well.

Yeah, I wrote.

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I'm doing a work up on my "Rhinoplasty" series for flashscribe. I wrote "An Egret's Epiphany" to describe General Nurg's personal parasite remover and pet. yup I wrote 900 words
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I wrote, a little each day. If only I could that little to be more.
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Yessir, indeed I did.

I finished the flash fiction for our hatracks own flash fiction contest. It sits around ~1500 words at the moment.

I started on a new story that really urged itself out of my head. Sat down, and wrote ~2000 words in one sitting (Pretty good for me. I tend to do things ~700 words at a time).

On top of this, I've started the beginnings of my personal narrative, for my college English class.

The writing is going well. I'm getting out of the rut I've been stuck in, and it feels excellent.

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Congrats Meredith and Sunshine! It seems a few of us are getting out of our ruts!

Sunshine, I know the 'dance around the house' feeling you're talking about, though I was far too tired to dance, as the writing interrupted my sleep. Man, when I wrote the beginnings of this story the other day, the words just poured out. Felt so great

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Robert Nowall
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Some editing of a manuscript early on, rewriting all the "ly" adverbs I could find...then my week got busy and it all fell to one side.

I'm hopeful of digging into it and cutting pretty soon...meanwhile, I realized I still need to come up with a name for the planet my characters are on, and a scientific name for something in the story. I think I've got the former, but, for the latter, I have to figure out a Greco-Latin translation of its physical appearance. Anybody know a good site that'll translate certain words into Greek or Latin or both?

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I did. I generally rite everyday...at least a little.
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Yes I did. I took the big step of giving my first chapter to my face-to-face writing group this weekend. It was intimidating to say the least as two members had brought with them the cover art proposals for their latest novels that are being published later this year. I held on to my chapter until the meeting was almost over so that they could read it and critique it for next month (I didn't want people to read and comment on it while we were meeting).
Anyhow, this has prompted me to go back and start plugging all the holes in my second chapter. It is interesting how going back to something that you wrote over a year ago is like editing someone else's work. It is both better and worse than I remembered.

Edited to ask:
IB:What rites do you practice everyday? Do they help you to write? Can they be shared outside of your sect? I am always looking for new ways to increase my wordage.

[This message has been edited by Cheyne (edited January 27, 2009).]

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Robert, how about Translatum for translating to Greek?

Some of friends enjoy translating passages into Latin. One of them used to teach Latin to children. If your description's short, I'll ask him for a translation for you.

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I wrote, though not enough. I am so close to finishing the rough draft of Odal's Story. As a means of distraction, or as practice for the next drafts of Odal's Story, I also created multiple versions of a short story. I'm editing the versions I like best so I can compare their structures.
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Joseph Forrest
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I had a massive burst of energy this weekend and wrote a little over 7000 words on a story that popped into my head but out of that at least half is probably crap. I guess we'll see when I do the revision and then put it up here for you guys to look at.

I'm hoping to get at least another 7000 by next week but I'm thinking that was kind of a fluke.

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