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Author Topic: April 04, 2011 Did You Write?
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April 04, 2011 Did You Write?

Brag about your accomplishments, cry about your failures, and otherwise tell about what is going on in your life. The hope is after several weeks of posting, whether you wrote or not, you will feel an urge to get something written, anything, in any amount, so you can brag that "Yes, I did write," on the next week's reply. Follow this urge often, and one can actually get some production in a period of a year. One might actually develop writing each week into a habit (Not all habits are bad). How much to write is not at issue. What you write is also not at issue.
New writing is writing. So is poetry, technical writing, writing assignments, blogging, world or character creation, and even E-mails, if they are long enough and pertain to writing or story. Editing, is also writing, even if it is someone else's work. Critiquing is a form of editing and that also counts.
While word count is a good gauge of what you are doing for new writing, it may be meaningless when editing. Your goal might be less words for a publication. You might delete a couple thousand words only to add them back in again when you recreate the scenes. It is not unusual for your word count to end up just a tiny bit more or less when done, so when editing, word count really does not matter.

As for me, I had returned my first Waxy story to the editor and got it back from the editor with comments. She is very kind to me on working with me on this. I have not disagreed with any of her comments, though in places, making corrections that worked took some skills. One thing that happened is relationships between two characters has changed. It will work better for the later stories.
I did work a tiny bit on Waxy 3, but it is fighting me tooth and nails. Getting from where I am, to where I need to be is a big problem.

On the story idea front, I got another story idea ahead for the year. I posted 32 story ideas for 31 days. I ended up with 35 pages with a total of 20556 words.

I am very close to being ready for the art show. I finished the second fairy this year, both were started previously and I just brought the to a finished quality. I have a "face vase" to finish and decided it is not going to be done in time. Still too much work to do. It is coming along nicely, though. If I had another month, it would be presentable.
Some of my stuff is usually on display at a nearby shop. I withdrew my stuff from there. I will soon be bringing all my work together and decide what should be displayed and how the table should be set up. I learned a couple years ago, the practicing the setup helps a lot, especially when in the last couple practices, I pack thing in opposite order that I would take them out of the boxes.

As for me. I can honestly say,



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Yes, still in revision mode, though.

Plus two blog posts.

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Weird double post. Sorry.

[This message has been edited by Meredith (edited April 04, 2011).]

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Made great progress on my MG heroic fantasy - two more chapters written and am now one-third done on my rewrite. I'm pleased with how it is going.

Wrote 1000 words on my WOTF scifi piece. Not sure about this one - it feels quite disjointed. Frustrating!

Updated my blog, received two rejections, and sent the manuscripts back into slushland.

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Yes, I've been on a bit of a writing spree lately, and it feels great. I finished a first draft of a 4500 story over the week end, and I'm about halfway through another story of similar size. I'm taking a month off from work starting tomorrow, and plan on being very productive during that time.
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Yep. The barest of minimums though,

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I have two short stories out making the circle of rejections right now. I am proud to have those out making the rounds because before those two, I never had any sent out to anyone.

So I thought I would go back to working on a novel I started some time ago. I have been using the Character Interview section here to work on Character Development for my MC.

This week has been productive. I am glad too.

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I made some progress this week.

I've gotten my Q3 WotF idea going with an initial layout of scenes and some character building.

Finished up my WotF story and wrote a flash that could easily be the beginning sketch of a novel.

I do a flash a week for another site and now that I've got over 100 of them, I've been looking at them in the new light (for me, anyway) as more fleshed out writing prompts. That has me excited and ready to write even more.

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I made some pretty good progress with my Q3 WotF story...but it's becoming kind of unwieldy! I almost feel like it is not "about" anything. Grrr. My goal is to try to finish writing the story, the rough draft, tonight. Then tomorrow, I'll look at it and try to rearrange elements and cut out the excess and all that.

I wrote a couple blog posts (www.melaniermeadors.blogspot.com), too... All in all, a pretty good week!

Good luck with all of your writing endeavors this week!


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Yes, but on a bunch of different things so I have no idea my word count.
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Caught a cold, which made waking up at 5 and concentrating on writing a little more difficult than normal. Only turned out about 4.5k, about half of my normal weekly goal. I'm also going through one of those "this story is garbage" phases, but still trying to push through with the hope that I can edit into something passable at the end. I guess it's a matter of experience - sometimes we write good stuff first go, and sometimes we just have to write something so we can come back in the editing phase and learn how to get it right on the first try next time.
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Yup, had a fabulous week of writing actually. Wrote a third of my 5.5k goal for the week during the Monday to Thursday period, and did so well Friday and Saturday that I barely needed to write anything on Sunday. I don't know if it's that it was just grooving or that the pressure was off or what, but I had an amazing day Sunday, just awesome. My total for the week was 8.2k, all of it on Elemental, and that total doesn't include the scene from the original attempt at it that I worked back in. That scene would bring the total to over 10k, but I'm really only counting fresh work here.

I also passed an important milestone with that manuscript too. It's now longer than it was when I ripped it apart to make it better. It had been 35k when I did that. It's now up to 36.5k. So I'm in to new territory, length-wise. Also, the manuscript is better now than what I had written in that first attempt. More happens, it's more dynamic and more interesting. Or at least, that's my opinion. We'll see what others think when it's done.

-Julie T.

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Yes,I wrote; my novel continues to grow and expand!


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I wrote 3500 words on the way home from Idaho on Monday. I went to sleep satisfied that night, woke up Tuesday and reread what I had written and threw the whole thing out.

After that, I got inspired, pulled up Jim Butcher's blog, went through the steps, got back on good ol' Hatrack to stay inspired, and get cracking. (now, if only I could get my old account back with the Boot Camp forum access. )

After a couple more false starts, I've done 600 words last night, and 1200 words this evening, and haven't even thrown any out! I still have the scene to finish, and two more already planned out!. Not to mention I did my 13 lines for the challenge, and a bunch of character interview stuff.

I'm really chuggin' away and enjoying this process for once!

It's about time!

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I cranked out approx. 3K new words, did some editing, and dictated over a dozen new audio files that await transcription. Oh...and I also---finally!---posted a new Bloggathah entry.


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I did. I finished a novel and started a short. Did a bit of blogging too. Now to start editing the first draft of the novel before last and finish that short.
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Robert Nowall
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Nothing much...some mean revising on one story, that petered out by Thursday, then...nothing. Not even today, my day off, where things were so crowded I couldn't even get to getting online till the late afternoon.

For the moment, I might be burned out some. In the past three months, I completed work on drafts of four stories, two of which I sent out to market. I might need a rest, even though there's one more story in the queue.

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While I haven't really written, I've been scribbling ideas for a new story - still nothing concrete.

I did update my blog. I had forgotten all about it. I hadn't even gone back to it until today and that's when I saw J.N. Khoury is a follower. That shamed me into action

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