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Author Topic: I need a writer's group!
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Hey so I have a story that I am pitching to an agent in May and I need a writer's group to help me get it right. (I am more than willing to do tradzies! but it would have to be the entire novel).
I'm not a complete newb so you wouldn't have to teach me the basics [Big Grin]
My current writer's group isn't able to give me feedback because they have issues with the content (one of the issues in the novel is that a girl is raped--I tried to write it as tastefully as possible, but some issues if you sugar coat, it leaves it feeling fake. In my story it happens off scene, but they still had issues). Normally I'm a pretty non scandalous writer (I blush at kissing scenes), so I'm working on a good balance.
but seeing as I'm not going to get the feedback I was counting on, I need some help. it would be a critique group for YA fantasy.
Thanks much!

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That's unfortunate to hear readers are shying away based on that scene.
The Lovely Bones has a graphic rape scene in it and that did OK for itself.

I might suggest a few things while looking for readers. 1. put your first 13 up so others can get a feel for your writing style and hopefully get hooked.
2. let us know the length of the novel. Trading novels is quite a commitment, someone may want to know if they are swapping 50k, or settling in for 100k.

Edit: I see you've posted the query in F&F

Here's a link:
Query post

Just suggestions.


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I'm in. My novel is up there in the 80% and I could use some readers. I can be your beta reader, I don't have a problem with gruesome scenes (as you might notice if you'll read my stuff [Wink] )
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Yeah I haven't posted the first thirteen yet because I didn't want to make everyone look at all my stuff all at once! I critique a few and post one then critique some more and post more.

I'm not really a big fan of violence and scandalous scenes, but i'm not going to trash a whole critique because of it. you can't throw the baby out with the bath water to be horribly cliche. I mean in the most if I was reading a critique and it was too detailed I would just skip that paragraph. I do it in books I read. one of my favorite books has a rather scandalous scene that I just skip right over and look at that, the book is still great. In fact in the 'real' world, I think what I would consider scandalous would be barely. (but apparently my level of tolerance is higher than my critique group) in fact I'm toning it down a bit just because but I bet if I sent the current version that a lot of you on here wouldn't even bat an eye.
I guess I'm just trying to figure out where to draw the line for my own personal novel. How much is too much and how much is too little?
I think it will be great to have a critique group going on here. that way we can all have are different levels of experience and tolerance and make our books the best ever!
ps. I used to work in a vet clinic. Gruesome scenes and gore don't bother me. [Big Grin]

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You might want to check out this blog post by Jim C. Hines regarding writing a rape scene.


Besides being a writer he's worked in the field of rape counseling.

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That's definitely a hard line to figure out, for me I do a lot of praying. In general, I find that if I blur the evil then I also blur the good. On the other hand, not every evil thing though real needs to be in the story just as I don't cover the details of bowel movements though presumably my main character does have to 'ease himself' from time to time (hopefully 2-3 times a day with proper water and fiber intake), but I don't unless its necessary to the story.

A good example for myself is I had a scene where I covered a couple of unimportant baddies dropping some rather unnecessary language, I went over it a couple times and realized this was a minor scene and toned it down, meanwhile I had other more pivotal scenes where the f-bomb was flying like it was pearl harbor. Ok maybe not that bad, as much as I thought was natural.

So for me prayer plus asking if this is part of the story or just needless gruseome scenery?

I'd volunteer to give you a crit by the way, but I'm too behind at the moment.

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Can you tell us a little more about the book? Genre, length, topic, and such.

Also, are you looking for a detailed critique, or a reader. I couldn't do swaptsy right now because I don't have anything ready. But, I may be interested in giving you a hand.

I to need a critique group - one that WRITES - seems I can't keep a partner cause something always gets in their writing way. Of course, it happens to the best of us, but I continue to get back up on the horse.

[Smile] Cher

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