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Luc Reid

UPDATE - August 2003 - Luc Writes: "I heard this evening from the Writers of the Future contest that I've won second place in the most recent quarter for my novelette "Bottomless"; I'm absolutely thrilled. My writing got an enormous boost from Boot Camp."

Hatrack member Luc Reid recently heard from the Writers of the Future contest (www.writersofthefuture.com) that his story "A Ship That Bends," which was a finalist in the April-June 2002 contest period, had been accepted for inclusion in the annual Writers of the Future anthology. In addition to payment and publication, authors whose work appears in the anthology are flown to California for a five-day intensive writers' workshop led this year by Tim Powers (and at one point in the past led by Orson Scott Card).

Luc's story is about a Phoenecian girl who lives near the edge of the world, at an island that trades with the people who live on the bottom of the (flat) planet. She resolves to build a ship that will be able to sail to the bottom, something none of her people have yet been able to do, but must hide her aspiration from both the jealous Beneathsiders and her own countrymen, who would never let a woman lead such a voyage. "A Ship That Bends" is a rewrite of a story that was originally written and critiqued at Orson Scott Card's week-long Literary Boot Camp in the summer of 2001.

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