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1 Are most of us male? (post #5) Grist for the Mill
2 Justice? yeah, I've heard of it . . . (post #4) Grist for the Mill
3 Huge Spoiler Alert! How to Train Your Dragon 2 (post #0) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
4 MUSIC: You drive me crazy... (post #18) Grist for the Mill
5 Dumb Question: Game of Thrones, Spoiler Alert (post #12) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
6 Poetry as Prose (post #4) Open Discussions About Writing
7 Books you have reread (post #9) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
8 I'm not missing (post #2) Grist for the Mill
9 How big is too big? (post #3) Open Discussions About Writing
10 Silent Night, Holy Night (post #5) Grist for the Mill
11 Desolation of Smaug (post #7) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
12 Where do you get your characters from? (post #8) Open Discussions About Writing
13 Author Greg Keyes (post #0) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
14 My Appaloosa Horses at Play (post #0) Grist for the Mill
15 Home at Last! (post #12) Grist for the Mill
16 anti-audience (post #11) Grist for the Mill
17 Helloooo Hatrack! (post #2) Grist for the Mill
18 You think we can still put aliens on Mars? (post #4) Open Discussions About Writing
19 What's in a name? (post #8) Grist for the Mill
20 Closed Discussion Section on Poetry? (post #5) Open Discussions About Writing
21 Into Darkness; Star Trek (post #15) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
22 word ticks (post #10) Open Discussions About Writing
23 Appaloosas & American Indian Songs (post #0) Grist for the Mill
24 By Salamonie's big Waterfall (post #6) Grist for the Mill
25 Enjoying the Pasture; Video of my Horses (post #0) Grist for the Mill
26 Call to Adventure (post #26) Open Discussions About Writing
27 Iron Man 3; The Chinese Connection (post #0) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
28 George and Gracie (post #12) Grist for the Mill
29 Stage Fright? (post #8) Grist for the Mill
30 Snapper is in snapping distance... (post #12) Open Discussions About Writing
31 Leaving the POV character unnamed (post #12) Open Discussions About Writing
32 Did You Write - March 11, 2013 (post #2) Open Discussions About Writing
33 Chain Mail Class (post #10) Grist for the Mill
34 Any Musicians out there? (post #9) Grist for the Mill
35 Writer's Book Report: WAY STATION (Simak, 1963) (post #52) Discussing Published Hooks & Books
36 Internal dialogue (post #10) Open Discussions About Writing
37 The Agony of it All! (post #7) Grist for the Mill
38 article on beginnings in Wall Street Journal (post #2) Open Discussions About Writing
39 Are we too timid in our thinking? (post #3) Open Discussions About Writing
40 WotF Critique Group -- 2012 Q04 (post #121) Hatrack Groups
41 Say, Anybody Going to See "The Hobbit?" (post #19) Grist for the Mill
42 Joy to all this Christmas! (post #0) Grist for the Mill
43 Making Senses of Magic Powers -- Sight (post #5) Open Discussions About Writing
44 Making Senses of Magic Powers -- Smell (post #6) Open Discussions About Writing
45 Making Senses of Magic Powers -- Touch (post #2) Open Discussions About Writing
46 Kissing a smoker. (post #3) Grist for the Mill
47 Story Structure Problem (post #36) Open Discussions About Writing
48 Animals used in the Hobbit die on Farm (post #0) Grist for the Mill
49 Cliches and Idiomatic expressions (post #11) Open Discussions About Writing
50 Jeremy Romero's story (post #9) Fragments and Feedback for Short Works

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