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Author Topic: My review of LOTR:ROTK
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Viggo Mortenson himself wrote the melody that he sang in the title track. Pretty nifty.
Billy Boyd also wrote the melody for Pippen's song. I think it's quite cool that all of the songs in ROTK were sung by the people that wrote the music.
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i just went to see ROTK for the second time
the second time-its ten times better! in the first time I was so involved that I was missing a ton of scenes just waiting to see 'what happenes' (and I read the books about 7 times at least)I was also sobbing for half an hour at the end and was having difficulties not crying out loud when Frodo leaves.

abou the sound track- are they different in the three movies? most of the songs sounded the same for me.
should I buy all three of them?

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raphael, the soundtracks are pretty different. HS seems to have a 'theme' for every race, big city or evil hideout. To get all the themes in their best and original form, all three soundtracks are a must. For instance, the Rohan theme (my favorite) is much better on TTT soundtrack than it is in it's edited and varied form on the RotK soundtrack. Same goes for the Hobbit theme from FotR to Rotk and all of that stuff. The "Samwise the Brave" track from TTT appears in FotR, but not in it's huge, long and unedited form. That's why I'm waiting for the box set. [Smile]

But, if you're not a freak like me, one soundtrack will do really well and I suggest getting RotK. That has a pretty good representation of all the themes (but you'll be missing Gollum's song and May it Be from the other two.)

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It costs 50$..bah humbug, nobody would get that for me. I'd rather save my money for that Arwen Pendant. I'd be even more happy if I got the books.

What are the lyrics to Aragorn's song btw? It's Elvish, right?

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I was late seeing it and late writing a review and no I didn't read the whole thread, just deal.

When I went into the theater I told my mom that the movie would be made for me if I could hear just a few lines.

"If I return Father, think better of me."

"Your father loves you, Faramir, and he will remember it ere the end."

As you may guess, I was looking much forward to the scenes with Faramir and Denethor.

I was not completely happy, but I am hopeful there will be more in the extended version. I'd also like to see Faramir and Eowyn in the Houses of Healing, instead of just getting to see them standing beside each other.

Legolas stunt was way too unnecessary. So were all the Shelob shots. Maybe because I was holding my mother's arm and whimpering. [Wink] But seriously, we could have culled a few minutes from these to give us some glimpses of Faramir and Eowyn. I mean, we have all this build up around Eowyn and her shattered heart and we don't get to see for sure that she finds love after Aragorn?

Loved Pippin's song. One of the finest things I've ever seen on film.

"Don't go where I can't follow." Big sob factor. Well done.

Beacons - awesome.

I even found myself very touched by Legolas and "How about at the side of a friend?"

The look on the faces of Merry and Pippin when they realized what the blowing up of Mount Doom meant, that Frodo and Sam would not be coming back.

The Grey Havens. Thanks, PJ for not ending the movie at the celebration in Minas Tirith.

"We set out to save the Shire, and we did. But not for me."


I'll have more thoughts after seeing it a second time, I'm sure.

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I'm so glad I was not the only one crying a lot.

(Insert relief smiley or would that be R-O-L-A-I-D-S? [Big Grin] )

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