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Author Topic: New members post here!
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Hi, I'm sprawl, And I an OSCaholic. I first came across Ender's Game by recommendation from a friend. about 2 years ago. I was skeptical at first. I was told that it was a children's book.

However, I could tell that was not the case upon reading. I finished the book in one sitting. (well, laying down, Sitting, Standing, Walking around the house). it was completely new to me and a style of writing I enjoyed immensely.

I picked up the rest of the Ender's series. I read them in days. I didn't stop there.

I went to my local bookstore and found this 6 series book all listed as "the tales of Alvin maker". I'm not a Fantasy fan. However I loved these books. I read all 6 in a matter of days. Now i eagerly wish for more tales, as I'm sure we're to get (I hope dearly).

Now I LITERALLY finished reading "Shadow of the Giant". And i must say, there are several threads that could be opened in future books. I Don't know the likelihood of it, but it could. What happens to bean and his children? What happens with Randi and her Child. There's stories of the founding of every Colony and he Jeesh. there's a giant world of writing that could be done in this universe and so many stories I Know i wish to hear.

But now i take a quick break from Card's writing, as I just acquired another book series that looks to take some time (Otherland by Tad Williams). But when i complete those, i have the Earthbound series sitting on my desk just awaiting my Endertainment.

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Hi all,

I'm Sibyl (really) in Kansas. I'm 62, and have been a Science Fiction fan pretty much all my reading life, but never got involved in the Convention part, just the stories and books. I'm pretty sure that I read the original novella of Ender's Game in Analog: I had a subscription to Analog at the time, but it may have been in one of the anthologies. It didn't make a huge impression, and about that time of my life I got very poor and couldn't afford a lot of magazines and books. The huge impression was reserved for Alvin Maker.

At this point in my life I've read all of Alvin, all of Ender, several of the others, and am working on _all_ the others, since I can afford some books now. Currently I'm reading "Hart's Hope", which I like somewhat less than any that I've read--but it's still OSC. He's a very versatile writer! (understatement).

I've known of this site for some time, but didn't explore thoroughly enough, registered for 1830's and had the impression that that was all of the forums, and while I really like Alvin Maker, wasn't that interested in writing within that world. Then I found the forums on the Philotic Web, more generalized, and then discovered the rest of the forums here.

I'm a mother of one adult daughter and one son-in-law, and the grandmother of one infant granddaughter, was married for thirteen years, then divorced, and now it's moot because he died. I live with four cats and one terrier (I'd rather the terrier was some variety of Shepherd, but we're stuck with each other).

I have had a variety of money-earning jobs in my life, but nothing of which I could say "I am a..." except while I was doing it.

I'm an Episcopalian, but really more of a generalized Christian.

So that's me, but it's a long way from being "all" of me!

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I thought I would add my two cents here. My name is Jesse, and I am 31 years of age. I have worn many hats in my short life so far. I was a Hospital Corpsmen for six years, and proudly offered care to many great friends in the Marine Corps. The rest of my life I was in sales, and recently I decided to do something for me. I am opening a coffee shop and writing my first novel. I came to this hatrack to read the writing forum more then anything, but found myself getting sucked into the discussion panels as well. I have my opinions, and try to respect others views as well. I do not sugar coat much, and speak my mind. I do not apologize for things I say, but I will apologize for typos and poor grammar. I went to school for business not English [Big Grin]
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Welcome page 22 newbies [Smile]
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Alright, so I'm Melissa. I'm 18 with a beautiful 17-month-old boy, and I will be getting married in a few months.

I've been reading OSC's work since I was about eleven or twelve, starting with Ender's Game. Since then I've read pretty much all of Ender's books, Enchantment, a few of the Alvin series, Magic Street, and the entire Homecoming series. Basically, everything by OSC I could find at the libraries and bookstores in my area.

I've actually had this account for a while, but can't seem to ever make time to post...

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I'm Bill and am a bit more than a half century old now, with a couple of step daughters and six grandkids (yeah I know, by my ex was a couple of years older than me :-).

I started reading OSC when he was writing the book reviews in F&SF (or was it Asimov's?) and started collecting his books with Seventh Son, though I had a number in PB by then (just recommended Saints to a friend). I was most moved by Lost Boys, enjoy the Alvin novels most and (like Sibyl above) read Ender's Game first in Analog. I'm really looking forward to the sequel to Lovelock.

The last couple of weeks I've been catching up with Terry Goodkind and Elizabeth Moon. I've also been busy helping some friends out with their computer needs, though I no longer need to do that for a living. I'm a self-professed computer dweeb (dweebs dress better than geeks do) and have been for about 20 years (when I was in college, we weren't allowed to take computer courses to cover credits for my math major, so I didn't get into them until later). Oh, and did I say I'm a stamp collector? Stop by the eBay stamp chat sometime and say hi.

I've seen Orson's blurbs for this site off an on for quite a while, but this is the first time I've actually stopped by... Hi everyone! :-)

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im 16 from MN, i love sports, basketball, football, baseball, I'm also an amatuer pilot (get my liscense at 17), i love playing gamesi n genral, and im also an avid reader of sci-fi/fantasy. I have read all of the "enderverse" books, empire (first day it came out), homecoming harmony, and a few others of his books. The only contender, in my opinion, of writing to OSC would be Heinlien, outside of that OSC is the best. Great characters and storylines. Empire dissapointed me a bit, but only compared to ender's game.
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I'm 20 right now and am a student at Hastings College, a small liberal arts school in the middle Nebraska. I'll be starting a career in digital editing (mostly weddings for now) this summer and i'm happy because it's what I want to do and i'll like it. The first book i read from front to back was Ender's Game because it was more appealing to read it then to put it down, and after that I couldn't stop with that series. I have loved that series along with Bean's and i have every book in both series including First Meetings which I though were excellent short stories. I have been following this forum for more than a year and now that I got my computer it felt worth it to join and take part. Glad I finally got unlazy (if it's a word) and decided to see if my 2 cents can become a few dollars [Smile]

[ January 22, 2007, 02:37 AM: Message edited by: Knust ]

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Alex Beal
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Hi, I'm Alex. I'll be 18 in June (which means I'm 17 now) and next year I'll be a freshman at the University of Missouri in Columbia and majoring in theatre performance. The first OSC book I read was ender's game, and I quickly ate up the rest of the series, and the shadow series. I also just recently got Empire, which is pretty darn good. I saw this forum mentioned in some of the forwards/afterwords in his books, and decided to check it out.
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My name is Matt. I am 19 years old, and I am a freshman at Rose-Hulman University in Indiana (majoring in Computer Science). I read Ender's game in 7th grade (my teacher had a copy). Then, in high school I read the rest of the Ender quartet. I'm halfway through Bean's quartet right now. I'm looking forward to actually getting my hands on the rest of the books and reading them.
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I'm Steve, 32, never read anything by OSC until 2000. Came across EG while browsing a book of Short Stories by different SciFi author in the library. I'd seen the book before, though so I decided to go check out the book instead. After that I've read everything by OSC I could get my hands on. Only had 1 book I could put down and not pick up again, but I've vowed to give it a 2nd chance once my life gets less busy.

I got my wife hooked on OSC , through the Women in Genesis books. She also loved Enchantment and like Ender's Game. She didn't like Lost Boys so much, but I loved it. We disagree sometimes on what makes "good" endings. [Smile]

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